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For the foreseeable future, we'll be doing Boss runs every Friday and Sunday Night at 9p CT.
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Guest Enforcer84

Greetings all, Brienne Warcaster here, humble priestess of Desna and attempted crafter of holy objects. 

I've actaully been around since launch but tended to wander around on my own leveling up too many skills and getting ganked periodically when I strayed into unfriendly territory. 

I mostly gather, sell, craft. I have done a few escalations but my proclivity of accidentally targeting my allies for attacks has made me jumpy. I'm not great at pvp, fair at pve and friendly if a tad unassuming. I'll happily gather and craft all day - PFO is what I do to unwind after work. 

I don't have a mic so my mumble chat is typed and I forget to turn it on sometimes just run around and gathering. 

Feel free to say hi. And thanks for letting me join. 

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Glad to see you around lately! Don't be a stranger.

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Glad to have you more active! Just an FYI - they took out friendly fire, so you are free to fire at will when we group up for escalations! Also, Fiery is getting ready to jump-start the AH so you will hopefully have an easier time finding a market for your wares.


What level & type is/are your gatherer(s)?

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Hello All,

 NoFaceSage here. Looking forward to trying this out. Not a huge gamer on MMOs, but trying out Wurm, EVE and now Pathfinder, sounded a bit more interesting than WOW.  This settlement thing intrigued me so I'll give it a go. In the game I suppose I'm an explorer type player with a penchant for crafting, so I'll look forward to seeing new places making things and living up to the neutral good of the community.

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Welcome NoFaceSage! We are mostly based out of Hammerfall in the South. After you have your legs under you head down that way and we can get you kitted out. Remember, the game is 100xp per hour whether you are logged in or not, so keep checking back for your extra xp to spend :)

I don't normally make it up to Thornkeep (the starting city) but Casevelyn and Glinder sometimes do (they are our current leaders). Ask for them in game. Weekday evenings from 7pm - 11pm est is when we are most active (and any time on the weekends)


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