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  • Beta - Feb 28 - 2014


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    As everyonje has noted, Beta starts friday Feb 28th at noon. Everyone that got an e-mail also got a single friend key.  I suggest IF you have not got a beta invite ever, and want in to PLEASE post a reply here and see if one of these fine folks can send you their friend key via the forums messenger. When you get a key, edit your post by putting a line through your need a key request.


    Focus topics will be posted soon for those of you that want to help contribute for the guilds and such.  The only focus i'll post here is we want to get 50+ people in the guild so we can test the market this weekend.  Get them friend keys out to people!

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    Hmm. Didn't get an invitation for this round (yet), but my last invitation said, "We're also excited to let you know that if you participate in this weekend's beta event, you'll be invited to continue to advance your characters in the next beta test" and my account shows Beta Access.


    Here's a link to a bunch of beta key giveaway sites.


    According to the site:  "If your account is tagged with "Beta Access" you do not need a new key (you might even get a Key Invalid message when you put in the key.)"


    I got a key through MMORPG just in case (Thanks, Trusin). :D


    Oh, BTW, this beta weekend isn't going to be using the build that's currently on the PTS (so no collision detection with NPCs yet).

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    5th Element was my favorite film for years (until Avengers kicked it off the podium).  So, that's not a shiny recommendation.


    And, yes, my standards for a movie are pretty weak.

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