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Entropia Universe - Hunting

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Hunting Guide 




Hunting is a major activity in the Entropia Universe and a great source of valuable natural resources like oils, skins, bones and more. These resources are of great importance to manufacturers and some of the rarest materials can command high prices.


All hunting is done in real time and a weapon of some sort is required. If the weapon is ranged, like a handgun or a rifle, you also need ammunition. Basic weapons can be bought from the TRADE TERMINALS located in all major cities, towns and outposts.


More advanced weapons can be bought from the Entropia Universe auction. An AUCTIONEER can be found in all major cities and towns. By clicking the AUCTIONEER you can access and browse the different categories in the auction.



Using Weapons


Once you've acquired a weapon it will be placed in your INVENTORY (default key I). To use a weapon open your INVENTORY and find the weapon you wish to use. Drag and drop the weapon on your avatar in the avatar display window of the INVENTORY. Your avatar will hold the weapon to indicate that it's now activated.


Close the INVENTORY. Aim your weapon at an enemy and then press the left mouse button to OPERATE the weapon.






Different weapons will require different types of ammunition. By right clicking the weapon when it's in your INVENTORY you can display its ITEM INFO. This panel will display all the information and statistics you need about the particular weapon. You will also be able to see which type of ammunition is required for the weapon. All the different types of ammunition can be bought from the TRADE TERMINALS.





Reloading is performed automatically. However, different weapons take different times to reload. The reload process is indicated by the small blue bar in the lower middle section of the main HUD interface. It is neccessary to have enough energy ammunition in your inventory in order to fire your weapons. Different weapons consume different amounts of ammunition, so keep an eye on your ammunition levels.



Attaching Weapon Accessories


Weapon accessories include amplifiers, telescopic scopes and laser sights. Weapon accessories can be bought from the auction or through direct trade with other avatars. In the INVENTORY, drag the weapon accessories to the weapon you want to wish to enhance. If the weapon turns green, it's is a valid attachment. Release the mouse button. The weapon part is now attached to your weapon.



Detaching Weapon Accessories


Double click with the left mouse button on the weapon with the attached parts once inside the INVENTORY. The weapon accessory will be seperated from the weapon.



Using Scopes


The telescopic scope is a weapon accessory that adds a telescopic zoom function to the weapon. It allows you to use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out on a potential target.



Hunting & Looting Creatures


Once you have successfully killed a creature, you can approach it, aim on it until the target frame appears around it, and press the right mouse button. If the creature carried any lootable objects, a new window will appear. Press the 'CLOSE' button on this new window to transfer the objects to your INVENTORY.



Hunting Teams


Forming teams in the Entropia Universe makes the hunting of large and difficult creatures easier and a more enjoyable social experience.



Team Creation



A team is created by clicking the TEAM action icon (left) in the ACTION LIBRARY (default key Y). A team may consist of up to twelve members. While it is possible to have a one-man team, loot cannot be acquired under such circumstances. The team must have at least two members for looting to work.


Once your team has been set up, just right click on any other avatar and select the TEAM INVITE action to invite them onto your team. When the team leader quits the team, the team is automatically disbanded.


Team Looting



When a team leader creates a team, he also chooses a set of rules that determine how team loot is distributed between the team members (the teams settings window is displayed on the right). The various loot distribution rules are:


Item Distribution

DAMAGE DETERMINES: Loot items are distributed amongst team members based on the relative damage inflicted by each team member.


DAMAGE DECIDES ORDER: The team member who inflicts the most damage receives the highest valued item (if present) in the loot, the member who inflicts the second highest damage receives the second highest valued item (if present), etc.


LEADER TAKES ALL: The team leader always receives all items found.


MOST DAMAGE WINS ALL: The team member who does the most damage receives all the items present in a loot.


QUEUE: The first found item is given to the topmost team member, the next found item is given to the second member, etc, going through the roster of members. The queue position is saved every time looting occurs.


RANDOM: Any item present in a loot is randomly distributed to a random team member.



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