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    Change log is down a few posts.

    Please post feedback to me.


    Website link


    Hello, JungleNor here.


    I have been working on some awesome things in the past and now i think i'm ready to show it the crowd.




    This website is the next of my creations. It's gonna be usefull for users who just want it easy! I use this website everyday.


    Please give me feedback!

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    Change Log


    Update: 13.10.2014

    + Added news test to news tile

    + Added back to lobby button on twitch tile

    # Updated thread


    Update: 09.10.2014

    + Added new version of fontAwesome

    Added news tile

    + Added radio tile

    + Added twitch tile

    + Added new icon for About tile

    + Added new icon for RSI Guild tile

    - Removed icon of Group of people

    - Removed The Megazin

    # Fixed title on About page

    # Fixed title on Twitch page

    # Fixed page design on Twitch page


    Update: 28.04.2014

    + Added picture slider

    + Added custom pictures for CotP only

    - Removed the Radio and Live stream options until fixed

    # Fixed links in The Megazin page


    Update: 25.04.2014

    + Added a useble tab called The Megazin

    + Added awesome slide

    + Added a suprise

    - Removed some errors in the code.

    # Fixed a glitch in Firefox

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    i clicked the sections and nothing happened but a larger view of it. oh well, so much for the high hopes


    guess i can't give you any feedback since it no worky



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    • 5 months later...

    its a nice site, but not enough content.  It needs someone to feed it.

    Also would of course be great if it would integrate with our webpage here.



    Honestly, for now I think there isn't enough guildies actively playing SC yet.

    So far also no one has volunteered yet to organize regular sessions where we can play together.

    I'm surprised so many people bought ships but no one is flying them yet.


    Ps: this week you can try out ALL the 5 fully rendered ships in game, whether or not you own them....



    So back to page... with that in mind its little surprise it's not much used yet....

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    Its not a content driven site, but more like a portal page. Nice for redirecting people to often used guild pages. So content are really limited to that. As i state "Clean and Simple"

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