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CotP Discord Channel

Covenant of the Phoenix has a new official Discord Channel!!!
By Elric

Wolcen - Full Release!

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is going into full release on Feb 13th, 2020!  I've been following this ARPG since it was first Kickstarted way back in 2015.  I've played it once or twice throughout the development process... Some Alpha, some Beta.  Overall it has come along very nicely, and I have high hopes for the future of this game.  This game has been discussed as once of the top games that will be pit against Diablo IV for the next generation of ARPG's on the market.  I know Cecil and I will be playing for sure.  Come join us in-game and on Discord!

Final Launch Trailer:

Rhykker's Review:

ZiggyD's Gaming Review: 
By Damis

Covenant Football League - Champion Crowned.

Chard's Goat Herders crowned Covenant Football League Champion for the 2019 season!
Trailing 140.22 to 139.74, Chard's Goat Herders staged a comeback and rallied back to beat Irok's Rokkets in the championship game with a final score of 152.36 to 140.22.  Chard's Goat Herders finished the season with a record of 11-5, while Irok's Rokkets ended the campaign at 13-3.
1st Place  -  Chard's Goat Herders
2nd Place  -  Irok's Rokkets
3rd Place  -  Baentir's Brawlers
By Damis

Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings, wishing you and your loved ones peace, health, happiness and prosperity during the holidays and in the coming New Year.
~  Covenant of the Phoenix
By Damis

Path of Exile - Free to Play

Path of Exile is a free-to-play action role-playing video game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games.
You are an Exile, struggling to survive on the dark continent of Wraeclast, as you fight to earn power that will allow you to exact your revenge against those who wronged you. Created by hardcore gamers, Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in a dark fantasy world. With a focus on visceral action combat, powerful items and deep character customization, Path of Exile is completely free and will never be pay-to-win.

Key Features
Freedom. Power. Revenge.
Banished for your misdeeds to the dark, brutal world of Wraeclast, you play as the Duelist, Witch, Ranger, Templar, Marauder, Shadow or the Scion class. From forsaken shores through to the ruined city of Sarn, explore Wraeclast and uncover the ancient secrets waiting for you.
Unlimited Character Customization
Create and customize hundreds of unique skill combinations from tradable itemized gems and our gigantic passive skill tree. Combine skill gems, support gems and trigger gems to create your own unique combination of power, defense and destruction.
Deadly Missions
The Forsaken Masters each have their own style of mission and each of these missions has many variations. As you explore deeper into Wraeclast, the pool of available variations increases to challenge you in new ways. All of the Missions and their variations can occur anywhere in the game, including within end-game Maps.
Dressed to Kill
Path of Exile is all about items. Find, collect and trade magic, rare and unique items with arcane properties, then customize your character build around the deadliest combinations you possess.
Brutal Competitive Play
Battle in PvP tournaments seasons and Capture the Flag events for worldwide recognition. Compete in Daily Leagues and Race Events that run as separate game worlds with their own ladders and economies to win valuable prizes.
Customise Your Hideout
In their extensive travels throughout Wraeclast, the Forsaken Masters have discovered ideal locations for an Exile to use as their own secret Hideout. Once you've earned a Master's trust, you may be taken to a Hideout, where you can create your own personalised town. Masters residing in your Hideout offer you daily Missions and train you in advanced crafting options. Use your Hideout as a quiet place to craft after battle, or expand it and use it as a personalised Guild Hall with hundreds of decorations.
Fair-To-Play. Never Pay-To-Win.
We're committed to creating a fair playing field for all players. You cannot gain gameplay advantage by spending real money in Path of Exile.
By Damis

Smite - Free To Play.

Smite is a 3D fantasy MOBA where players take on the role of mythological gods and battle in team-based arenas. Unlike other MOBAs, SMITE puts you directly onto the battlefield with a third-person action viewpoint. From blind-side ambushes to aimed shots, a new pantheon of strategic possibilities awaits.  Become a legend of myth, enter the Battleground of the Gods, and play FREE now!

Game Modes:
Conquest – the main 5v5 game mode. Features three lanes and a jungle area filled with neutral monsters. Arena – a 5v5 game mode with an open battle area rather than lanes. Each team begins with 500 points and must reduce the other side's to zero by killing heroes, minions, and escorting allied minions to portals. Joust – a 3v3 game mode with a single lane which otherwise plays like Conquest mode. Joust can also be played 1v1. Assault – similar to ARAM (All Random, All Mid) in LoL, players are assigned a random God and fight on a map with a single lane. Siege – a faster version of Conquest. Siege mode consists of only two lanes and contains a special Siege Juggernaut minion that deals extra damage to structures.
Never played a battle arena before? Don’t worry. Auto-buy, auto-level, and the deathmatch-like Arena mode let you jump right into divine MOBA action. Aspiring pro? Top the ladders, join a competitive team, and you too could be playing at the SMITE World Championship.
News Ticker
  • New Features are being added to forums. Stay tuned for updates.
  • Enjoy your summer everyone!

EVE Chapter needs some google spreadsheet help!

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Hey all!


Our chapter tracks payouts of in-game currency via this spreadsheet



We want to keep a running log of how much is sent to each person so we can judge activity levels etc. 


If your a spreadsheet wizard, we would love a hand! 


Please request access to the document if you think you can help (dont worry its a copy of the original, so you cant break anything)

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ick... bad memories of trying to reorganize a business's receipts came back to me. They kept EVERYTHING on a single spreadsheet.


But it was a good learning experience.Essentially you'll want whoever is sending the payouts to post to the spreadsheet... I'm somewhat OCD, so you'll want something along the lines of a separate log/file for each event/payout.


Why? Because you'll never touch those files again, and if something happens to the summary/running log you can always rebuild it if you keep the events separately stored. Then you'd probably want to make sure each log/file is standardized and keys off of the character name -





This is a sample log I quickly drew up. Now... the purpose of this is to ensure that payouts and events are tracked and totals are accurate.


You could have the leader make a post in the forums, and have everyone who participated submit their times on record. While someone could keep track throughout the op, I'm a fan of placing that burden on the players like you would with a timesheet for any job. You put up the post before the operation, and as people finish their time they can post their numbers. If they forget... well someone can take a guess.... or they simply don't get paid. Players will be encouraged to visit the forums.


Now... This allows you to record and store the data.


With a layout like this, you could then have a copy/paste the payout (or read it with scripts/database tools) to your running log by character name:





Just a suggestion from my end... example.
I'm not a guru with cross-sheet importing and macros... but you should be able to automate the process to a point where you can create an "import button" and point it at the new log... So long as the names match up, it can match up the name and payout and add it to the running total under a new column with the date.

Edited by Liquid Wolf

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looks like a great start, only because its mostly over my head haha!


i gave you access to the sheet, if you want to try importing that to the test version..

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What is going to be ideal is an automated way of accomplishing that. It would be a lot to ask folks to manually create a sheet each time, or to manually key each of the payouts. We need a macro, which would be easy enough to do in excel. I am not familiar with google spreadsheets but they use JavaScript...vs excel using vba.

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A quick overview of how the sheet is used today...

1) after we run sites, someone goes into the site log tab and clears all the x's for the players

2) then everyone puts one x next to their name for each site they ran

3) After all the loot is gathered, the person who is going to do payouts goes to the Payout Info tab

4) they enter the loot totals into C7:c13 on the payout info tab

5) then if you scroll down to line 41 of the payout info tab, you'll see the calculations for payout

6) they send the isk showed to each of the players showed.

7) they send the isk showed to any of the corporations showed (if applicable)

8) they send the isk showed for alliance to alliance then add the amount transferred to alliance on the the SRP wallet tab


Then the process starts over the next time we run sites.

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I have a loose structure up and running.  Right now i'm using one sheet to log all payouts (see screenshot).  I it was mentioned to use different tabs/files for each log event.  I haven't quite gotten there and figure this might be an ok solution for logging the events.  Any thoughts?  I have a simple script that I'm still working on that will copy the payout values, increment counters and positions in the spreadsheet and be ready for the next time sites are run. 


From there I'll look at a separate sheets for doing the calculations/showing the totals for each users.




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