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    Hey guys!  For those of you who don't know, I'm Gammon, the recruitment officer of Cotp.  Most of you do, I'm just checking, shut up.  I hate you.  Recruitment is going exceeding well.  We have a lot of new people, some skilled, some learning, all awesome.  The FC as a whole is doing the best we've ever done, all our new recruits are meshing well with the oldies but goodies.  And I see a lot of people helping eachother in FC chat and mumble.  So I wanted to say you're all doing a great job, and I'm really proud of our progression as a team.  I am continuing our active and aggressive recruitment spree to get our numbers up to where a proper Cotp chapter should be. I update bi-weekly, but it would be very helpful if some of you can bump my threads in order to keep them active and fresh.  There are recruitment threads up at the following websites.


    Gamer Escape - http://gamerescape.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=23


    Zam Forums - http://ffxiv.zam.com/forum.html?forum=238


    Reddit recruitment forums - http://www.reddit.co...XIVRECRUITMENT/  


    FFXIV company forums - http://forum.square-...s/652-Companies


    FFXIV Leviathan forum - http://forum.square-...s/827-Leviathan


    FFXIV Blue Garter forums - http://www.bluegartr...any-Recruitment


    FFXIV Realm - http://ffxivrealm.com/forums/north-american-server-forums.128/


    These posts will need to be bumped periodically, every week or so.  So while this is not mandatory, if anyone would like to say something nice about the guild in each thread, that would be very useful.


    I'll post a copy of my recruitment letter in the comments below.  That is all.


    Additionally if anyone knows other websites worth putting recruitment threads up at let me know, or feel free to copy my post below and put it up yourself.  Just make me or Arsenix aware of it.





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    Who we are


    Covenant of the Phoenix is a multi-generational, multiple game guild with a long history in the gaming community. We’ve been on Leviathan since launch and are an active, dynamic team that accepts all applications. Currently we're a committed group of 40+ members consisting of hardcore, casual, and social players that is looking to expand. We have a huge private mumble server, our main gaming website can be found at COTP.info and our large FC house is located at ward 4, lot 5 in Mist. Come visit us!


    We're a family-oriented community of friendly, fun gamers. Many of our members have been with the guild for over a decade, playing games like UO, DAOC, Meridian59.  Personally speaking, you get a lot more out of Cotp than just a group to raid with. Some of us are real life friends, others have become friends through the games we play or through our occasional guild meet ups. Our mumble and FC chats are very active and we encourage all members to be as social as possible. If you're looking for a community that is well-rounded, relaxed, and most importantly fun (while being able to experience all the content FFXIV has to offer) you should definitely give us a try. We prefer mature members of any age that can be respectful and have an open-mind towards other members of the FC.


    Second and Third Coil


    Right now have three raid groups in Coil2 and are in the process of forming a fourth. We’re progressing rapidly through T9 (Dive bombs at 10%) and will be ready for Coil3 in a few weeks. Other than that we like to do things like pvp, primals and coil turns 1-5 just because it's fun/currently extremely profitable


    Raiding Philosophy


    We believe that anyone can learn a fight or be trained. While we do progress quickly, we prefer fun over discipline. You will be corrected if you make mistakes and given the resources to improve, but under no circumstances will you not have a good time. Additionally, if you are more of a lone wolf and prefer picks ups or already have a static of your own, that is absolutely fine.


    Cool! how do I join?


    Feel free to join us on our website at cotp.info under our "Join us" tab and check out our forums and mumble! We look forward to seeing you in Eorzea! You can also contact Arsenix Shirogane, Lho'a Tayunn, L'rcrata Rhuli, or Gammon Fatsbarrell in game. Be careful, they bite.

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    I submitted an app for the FFXIV free company and it shows it was accepted a few days back but i haven't gotten an in game invite. Sorry if you covered this somewhere but can you help? Look forward to playing with you all, thanks!

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    Hi just joined, but on Jenova server. I am wondering which server to transfer to for an invite. Thx


    edit* i see the server is Leviathan

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    Hi everyone.  Would someone be willing to submit me an invite ingame at sometime?

    Thank you :)


    Full name:  Soniccus deDrago

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    your not online atm else I would send you one. going to be headed to work soon, but will check a cpl more times to see if your on before I do

    edit: also, if I dont find you. You can submit an application and someone will accept when as soon as they can.

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