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Join in on the fun and help us build a city and survive the impending wars in a medieval setting on a massive 10k player server.
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CotP Discord Channel

Covenant of the Phoenix has a new official Discord Channel!!!

AION Chapter Emerges

We now have an AION Chapter which is accepting members, both new and old!
So if you are looking for a friendly guild, want to play with old friends or just wish to play under a familiar banner then come check us out.
For those unfamiliar, here is some basic information to wet your appetite!

Aion is a rich MMORPG set in the fantasy world of Atreia. Originally requiring a subscription, Aion went free-to-play in 2012. The game has received several major updates since release, which have introduced such features as pets, player housing, and entirely new continents to explore. Unique to Aion is an aerial combat mode (PvPvE) where the two factions clash both among themselves and against NPC dragons for control over special zones and fortresses. Aion is known for having one of the most in-depth appearance customization options available via character creation. It is also built on the CryEngine.
Aion Key Features:
Loads of Content – game is updated with large patches, where level cap is raised and new zones/continents are added. Extensive Character Creation – one of the most detailed character creation processes in MMORPGs. Tons of Features – Aion has many different in-game systems that offer a variety of options, from mounts, pets, plastic surgery, gender changes, professions, and more. Unique PvPvE – fight against your enemy faction while also fighting against NPCs in The Abyss. Great Soundtrack – awesome music will accompany you as you explore Atreia.
Read more at https://mmos.com/review/aion

Website Under Construction

I finally have some free time to implement some changes to the website as well as add more features which I think the community will find useful. We were intermittently down for a few minutes last night and this morning, because I was moving some directories around to improve the flow of stuff.  Currently, I am putting the finishing touches on our article system, which I look forward to seeing in action.  We are in short demand of news reporters, so if you like to write about games and other stuff,  please contact Vessa.
After we get a few more article submissions then we can roll out the front page, which Throne has been chomping at the bit to get done.
Today, I am going to install a Quiz page, similar to what we had before. That also, means that we will opening the doors for members to take the Sentry and Knight exams.  While I am going to install a bunch of new features, I just don't have the time to fully set them up and manage them, so I will be looking for other admins to take the lead.  

CotP Youtube Channel

We need 100 subscribers to get our custom youtube channel URL...Please help us get to 100....!!!
Click on the link and subscribe: 
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  • SWTOR Announces Server Merges
  • Crowfall's Alpha 5 servers now running 24/7
  • New Features are being added to forums. Stay tuned for updates.

Phoenix Run battles

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In my effort to break the game down into do-able chunks and leveraging more efficient technology, I have switched to Unity and have been creating a space MOBA as a scaled down start to the game.  Here is my first video showing my work:



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Can you move about in the ship?   I really like what you have done so far by the way.   I would love to play a game like SWG: jump to lightspeed again.


Check this game out.  Will your game have something similar in terms of multiplayer ships and job functions?

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I have had to take a break from developing this for a month.  A friend of a friend needed some programming support for his new business, so I've been doing that.  It's pretty much done now and I'm back to PRB.  I've got a new server for it.  A refurb IBM xServer 336.  It'll be in the mail tomorrow.  Right now you can fly the carrier, any type of fighter or bomber, or man the turrets.  The turret interface is a little clunky for my liking, but I need to move on to multi player right now.


Damis - It is my plan to allow people to run around in the ships in the MMO version.  I am debating with myself though to do it in the MOBA version, or do it later in the MOBA  version, or do it out of the gate.  It's a matter of time.  I loved the space combat of games like Jumpgate, but I also really like the capitol ships in SWG.  I especially loved my big ole mining ship.  One of the issues with fleshing out the interior of the ship is the sheer scale / size of it.  If I do it in the MOBA version, it'll probably be areas with closed doors that would imaginarily (new word :) ) lead to other areas of the ship. I built the interior before for the carrier with a bridge, a hall and a launch bay area.  That one had issues though because I built it in the actual model, and gravity was messed up.  Plus the lighting was off.  I'm not an artist, it takes me time.  The new one will be in a set area with viewports attached to the moving ship, to make it look like your in it.


Once the MOBA is done, I'll prolly start on landing on a planet and walking around.  I really want city building as part of the eventual game. 


Here is the 2nd update I posted in another thread in the public section:


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Hey Damis.  I played around again with moving around in a capitol ship.  I think I have it figured out.  Here are a couple short vids:



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