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Mafia - forum game

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I... think? This would be the proper forum for this discussion, as it is a strategy game typically hosted on online forums. Used to host it on my online community before I closed it, though I still find places to play it heh.


For those that don't know, Mafia is a game played by two factions, or teams: the Town and the Mafia.


The Town team is made up of the majority of the players and are the "good guys" of the game. It is their job to find out which players belong to the Mafia team. Town players do not know each other's identities.
The Mafia is made up of a small minority of players who all know each other's identities. Their goal is to blend in with the town and avoid being caught.
The game is played in two different repeating phases: The Day and the Night.
In the Day phase, all players discuss anything and everything about the game in the thread and try to figure out who is mafia and who is town. The Mafia members must interact as usual during this phase and try to appear to be Town members. Everybody must vote for a player they believe to be Mafia. At the end of the Day, the player with the most votes is Lynched, and removed from the game.
In the Night phase, the Mafia pick one player in private to be killed. Certain Town roles will also be able to perform actions during the night.
At the end of the Night, the dead player is announced in the game thread and it becomes Day again. This cycle repeats until the game ends.
The Town wins if all Mafia members are eliminated.
The Mafia wins if they outnumber the Town players.
Some common roles that occur in these games are below, though keep in mind they're often alternated to keep with a theme (say, X-Men, Harry Potter, a tv show, etc):

Cop: Investigates one player every night to find out their alignment.
Doctor: Protects one person from nightkills each night
Vigilante: Can shoot x-amount of players during the game. The mod usually specifies how many shots they get. 1 or 2-shot vigilantes are most common.
Tracker: Targets a person every night to find out who that person targeted.
Watcher: Targets a person every night to find out who that person was targeted by.
Godfather: Appears as town if investigated by a cop.
Ninja: Can't be tracked or watched by tracker/watcher.
Strongman: Kills can't be blocked by doctors.
Roleblocker: exactly what it sounds like
There's also sometimes (most of the time, in my experience) at least one Rogue in the game. A rogue can be anything, really, and is self-aligned and has their own specific win condition, which is usually specified by the game host.
And all of these roles can be fitted to the opposite alignment, if the host feels like it. There's even a town version of a godfather, which appears as scum if investigated by a cop.



Anyway, it's a really fun game to play if you can get into it. Would anyone here be interested in giving it a try? I'd like to host a DC vs Marvel theme tbh, or fit this towards roles and characters from various different games. Most games take around 15-20 players, so here's hoping there would be enough interest.


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I just saw this thread.  A little late, but it looks interesting.

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I just saw this thread.  A little late, but it looks interesting.

It can be quite fun, though I admit also a bit frustrating at times. I enjoy it, either way. Haven't played it in a while, though.

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