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D&D 5e LFG

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Hi there!

I was wondering if there might be interest in possibly getting a COTP group together to play D&D 5e on roll20.


I already DM 2 groups through the week, so I would have to ask someone else to DM for this.


Days that work for me:

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday (Saturday can sometimes be bad for me as it is my on-call night). Thursday I'm available all day, the other days I'm available past 17:00PDT.


Hopefully there's some interest in this and possibly a DM lurking around.

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I'm definitely interested but have only DM'd in person and don't know the roll20 system. I would LOVE to be a player though! I also wonder if there are people who would be interested in meeting IRL (I feel so old using that) based on geography.

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