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  • Now this will be fun to watch....Ark: Hunger Games

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    On August 1st, 35 ARK: Survival Evolved teams will be thrown into a single arena for a "Hunger Games" last-tribe-standing PvP deathmatch. The winning tribe will take home $20,000 and other prizes. The event will be streamed live via Twitch. Viewers won't be idle either and will be voting on "world-altering sequences" to take place every half hour that can change the face of battle.

    Entire article can be found here....ARK: Hunger Games

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    Nothing that I have read mentions anything on the selection process.  But I can see this growing into something bigger if it goes well.

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    I think it is by invitation. I know several of the big Ark Twitch streamers were talking about a surprise for the fans next week. Fairlight_Excaliber, VaderRP, and Anthony Kongphan for instance.




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