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    Hello all fellow players new and old, After a long time of having my life stolen from eve I am currently trying to find a new or upcoming MMO to take a stab into. There are a few things I am looking towards to see how they are, but I want to throw my face back into something where there isnt spaceships and spreadsheets haha.

    Anyway the point of the post, I am trying to see if theres any MMOs coming out or in development that may have a similar playstyle as Archeage or Rift. I miss having grand raids and spending time with my friends so much that I would like to jump in and find something new but I feel so lost with the waves of games that look interesting but companies that mayyyy not be really that great towards their players. I am not picky on F2p, or P2P so anything you can think of it would be appreciated and hey maybe one day soon Ill kick off the launch of a new chapter again :D

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    Camelot definitely looks interesting, and sorry ryan :-p im not much of a star wars gamer haha. I am looking at Blade and soul though an dpossibly starting a new chapter with that, but I want to try and get into the beta and see how it is prior, to doing anything with it at the moment.

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    Take a look at Crowfall, it’s another game that has promise that is coming out.      I’d suggest going through all the games that are listed in the “radar list” section of the forums.   All of them have some cool aspects and promise to them.


    Other than those listed it’s hard to find a good game that is coming out that will give you that whole new sense of discovery feeling that we all crave. Most games these days are just clones of old games that were hits sadly.


    But I would suggest taking a look at Ark Survival if you wanted something to mess around with while you wait for a game to come out.  It has a unique aspect to it that can get real exciting and it has a good COTP community going too. 

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