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    Want to send out some feelers, and see if anyone has been playing any of the new content, and how it fairs to the old stuff. I was thinking if the content is good, possibly trying for a reboot of the chapter however I want to see if there was any interest in doing so before doing anything at all or if its better that the chapter stays as it currently is and we just move on to a different game such as devilian or blade and soul.

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    I haven't played Rift for a good while (since just after Nightmare Tide launched, and I didn't get too far into it, tbh), but I have a founder's account with Blade & Soul, so if anyone is up for starting a chapter there, I'd be into that.

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    I'm still full-time active in Rift, and with the exception of a month or two in Skyforge when it launched, have been throughout NT.


    The content remains challenging, and you need to have dedicated focus to progress.  I don't know what the issues were that the CotP chapter had with the content.  Personally, I'm fine with them reusing open world locations for instance and raid content.  That stuff is expensive to make, and is mostly just background scenery regardless.


    As far as new content goes:


    • Like Tyrant's Throne, Planetouched Wilds is a new zone, with new quests.  It's more of the same, only bigger.
    • I found Primalist to be a mixed bag of fun.  Primalist tanking is amazingly dull.  Primalist healing is actually more boring than Purifier, unless you're trying to do something that it's bad at (such as raid healing), in which case it's a good workout.  Primalist DPS can be fun, especially if you are trying to eke out maximum performance.

    That's mostly it for new content, unless you're including T2 and T3 raiding.  T2, like any other progression level, is difficult until you know how to do it, then it's easy.  But it still needs a good, solid team working together and with no one slacking.  The T2 10-man also requires people to be multi-role.  The first boss is 2 tanks, tank heals, raid heals, 2 support, 4 dps.  The second boss is 1 tank, tank heals, 2 support, 6 dps.  This means your raid heals and one tank need to have solid dps, which forces folks to be multi-role.  I can't speak to T3.


    But in answer to your question, I'm biased, because I never got turned off from the game.  I don't see many of the old CotP crew around anymore.  I don't know how many moved on or left the game.  So it might be a complete rebuild of the chapter.

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