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    Dear Players,

    It is nearly time for the second Closed Beta test and we have some important updates for you.

    Explorer’s and Conqueror’s package holders.
    For those who have pre-ordered Explorer’s and Conqueror’s packages will have automatic access to the second Closed Beta Test after logging into their account. (There is no need to register again.) Here you will find instructions on how to access the client download.

    Don’t have a pre-order package?
    You can still enjoy the benefits such as early game access and exclusive items by pre-ordering Black Desert Online here. If you are lucky enough to have received a key from us or our media partners you can now redeem it at the key redemption page.

    Important dates:

    • 12th of February: Key redemption starts, redeem your key here.
    • 16th of February: Client download will be made available (you will also need to download the client even if you have the CBT1 client installed / The CBT1 client is now obsolete). We recommend to delete the CBT1 client before installing the CBT2 client to avoid potential conflicts.
    • 18th of February at 08:00 UTC: servers open.
    • 22nd of February at 08:00 UTC: servers close.

    For event info and up to date news follow us on Twitter, Facebook and the official forums.

    See you in-game!
    The Black Desert Online team.

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    • CotP Sentinel

    My understanding is CB2 is only available to those who have purchased Explorer's and Conqueror's packs. 


    Not quite.  People who pre-order the game are getting in automatically, but you can definitely get keys elsewhere.  Check the main BDO website, there is a spot right on the main page to request access to this closed beta.

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    I bought the Explorer package and downloaded the client. There are some good links for new players on the BDO Reddit here:




    Here's an archived link to a starter guide which was being hit too hard to connect: http://archive.is/K0kUm



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    Black Desert Online heads into its final Closed Beta test tomorrow, February 18 at 8:00 a.m. UTC ..Coordinated Universal Time

    Based on my figuring that's ...

    • 3 am EST, Thursday the 18th
    • 2 am CST, Thursday the 18th
    • 1 am MST, Thursday the 18th
    • Midnight PST, Thursday the 18th
    And I will still be up so I may get some game time in tonight..
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