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  • Important Dates and Time and A Conversion Link

    Guest Annabella

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    Guest Annabella

    So for every one like me who can't figure out when is when unless it's a digital clock in our own time zone the following link is a time zone converter: Time Zone Converter

    1st enter the date and time (I always put +5 minuets so I can figure out what day when it starts dealing with midnight).

    2nd Enter the time zone of the above date (UTZ/GMT) for Black Desert Server times

    3rd Choose your time zone

    4th Click convert time or add more cities then convert.

    And a link to the important dates: DO NOT MISS THE KEY DATES

    "26.02 | 08:00 UTC

    • Pre-Order will be closed

    27.02 | 08:00 UTC
    • Name Reservation will be closed

    28.02 | 08:00 UTC
    • Soft Launch for Early Access who pre-ordered the Conqueror’s Package will begin
    • Claiming process for Pre-Order Packages will begin

    01.03 | 08:00 UTC
    • Soft Launch for Early Access who pre-ordered the Explorer’s Package will begin

    02.03 | 08:00 UTC
    • Soft Launch for Early Access who pre-ordered the Traveler’s Package will begin

    03.03| 08:00 UTC
    • Hard Launch for everyone who purchased the game will begin
    • Cash Shop will be opened

    • Access your ACCOUNT page to see the download button once pre-download is opened
    • Pre-Order Package owners will be automatically activated for this process above
    • CBT2 key holders will have to redeem their key first on the redeem page and the follow the process above

    Claiming Process for Pre-Order Items
    • Once the claiming process has opened, you will have to create first a character on a server of your liking
    • Once created, you can claim all items yourself via our website
    • Details and URL will be provided prior to the opening

    Cash Shop Opening
    • The Cash Shop will be available at launch
    • All items available in the Cash Shop will be available during CBT2 testing phase including pricing"

    from the above linked link

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