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     I have been battling with Acer about their stupid splash / ad screen that displays every time you turn them on. For the longest time they where like F'u man people love the splash screen, I guess they did not read reviews lol. Finally after others started spamming my thread I won, kind of, got it down to one sec over 5-10 I'll take it! 




    OK, we got your point, and we ARE doing it!

    ANNOUNCEMENT!  Our monitor team has considered your request and agrees with you!  Future monitors will include the option to turn off the splash screen.  Here is how the settings will work....


    "Quick Start Mode" :

    Is set "On" to speed up the time of the splash display.


    • Acer Logo shows for 1 sec.
    • Does not display the Energy Star logo.


                                      Off: (Default)

    • Normal display. (with both Acer logo and Energy Star logo splash)

    Thank you for your suggestion, and to all who commented on the issue as well!  Good Thinking, Folks!

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    Guest Acer K272HL

    Hi all,

    Just read this post ... I've been praising acer's awesome start, until I finally found option in menu and this topic.

    Until now, i've just thought my Acer's are simply inferior to BenQ's in this sense, but I was wrong!

    slow start up time in some interview also

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