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    Incoming transmission for Target #4:


    " ... Never seen the likes of it before! These droids just came tumbling down from out of the blasted sky! Don't know where they managed to be tossed from. If I had to guess, though, I'd think one of those seismic events is making the upper mesas tricky for the droids to walk across. That, or someone just likes throwing good droids away ... "



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    Incoming transmission from Target #5:


    " ... I heard many noises during the time I was trapped there, little Sith. The wringing cries of madness were delicious, and I drank them down with every pealing cry. Wrenching pain and the darkest fears -- that marked the hours I was in the place." ​-- Khem Vaal to Darth Nox


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    Incoming transmission from Target #6:


    " ... That place is known to us. Strange artifacts are found, in circles of stone pillars. It is not a place for outsiders. And do not mark the place with your strange devices of cube and colored light. What lies here now, is our own to claim ... "



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    Incoming transmission on Target #7:


    " ... Funny, how nice the horizon looks from the place. Considerin' how mucked the Hutts made of it. The water's messed up. So's the air, the weeds, the trees and all the animals -- heck, the dirt there is nasty! But that's where we found that pretty singing box! Not sure who would pay more for it, though. Them Jedi do-gooders, maybe. Safer bet selling to them, than the Sith, leastwise ... "




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    Incoming transmission on Target #8:


    " ... It was nearby a cave. Strange beasts were lurking nearby, twisted by the darkest Sith magics. The road ran past that absurd camp made by those worshipers of the Jedi-turned-Sith. Fools! They'll be destroyed before long. And that's only if they manage to survive whatever persists in that place ... "




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