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Starfall Prophecy Open Beta

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Open Beta is supposed to start on 10/17 (pushed from 10/13).  I've spoken to a couple of people about heading there as a group to explore the new content and mechanics.  If we get enough, we can do a guild charter to start a PTS guild up (for convenience).


Assuming it goes up on Monday, I'd like to give it a little time to stabilize and for the dust to settle.  Let's plan on Thursday, at 6:30 ST (per the 4.0 raid schedule).  Before then, if you're not familiar with the PTS, you'll want to do two things:


1.  Download/install it.  From Glyph, select PTS from the region drop-down (likely currently says "North America" and then Install or Update.  As of this writing, the update was over 3GB, so plan accordingly (don't do it Thursday evening if you're on a low bandwidth connection).

2.  Transfer your toon to the PTS.  From the Character Select screen, select Transfer, then "COPY TO PTS".  This will put a current copy of your toon on PTS and leave the existing one alone.  At this time, the playtest shard is closed to transfers.  Hopefully that's only while they're setting up PTS for the Open Beta.  It could be you'll need to create a new toon, in which case there may be instant-65 and gearsets available.


If you're interested, you can reply there.  Or just show up.

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If you haven't already downloaded the PTS, you can speed up the process a bit by starting the download for the PTS, stopping it, and then copying the content from your Live directory over to the PTS directory. By default, you'll see these two folders in "Program Files (x86)\Glyph\Games\RIFT" You'll still have a ~3GB patch for all the expansion content, but you won't have to re-download the entire game.


If you can't/don't transfer a character to the PTS there's a process for boosting and gearing a new character:

  • Make a new character, we'll call him Bob
  • Take Bob to the porticulum in his capital city (or use the item to port you to Tempest Bay if you have it)
  • Let Bob touch the sparkly bear trap (I'm not kidding)
  • Bob will wake up in the golem foundry and talk to the NPC named Fluffy
  • Fluffy will give Bob a quest for 400p.
  • Fluffy sells insta-50 pots as well as max PA XP items, and bags for cheaters
  • To the right of where Bob walked in and saw Fluffy, there are several other sparkly bear traps. Pick blue for Guardians and Red for Defiants
  • Bob will be in his capital city...or dead in the enemies' capital
  • Change your dungeon difficulty by right clicking on your portrait. Dungeon Difficulty > Master
  • Allow Bob to gently fondle the sparkly bear trap near the portal
  • Go talk to Mr. SL Raid-something or other
  • Mr. SL will sell you insta-65 pots as well as boxes of gear for various tiers.


These boxes are jam-packed with crap, hopefully you got the cheating bags.


Edited: I should know better than to post things after midnight -.-

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For those like myself who have their game setup through Steam, the same trick can be used:

  • Startup as normal, selecting PTS on the top right of your screen.
  • Allow the download to start and then immediately exit.
  • Navigate to Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RIFT\Games\RIFT.
  • You should see two folders, one named Live, one named PTS.
  • Inside the Live folder, copy the folder named Assets.
  • Paste this inside of the PTS folder, overwriting any files you may have downloaded.
  • Restart your Glyph, ensure PTS is selected and click Play.
  • Close the opened client and allow Glyph to update all files.

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Beta still isn't up, and I must've misread the post.  It's not 10/17.  It's week of 10/17.  Thursday may not be late enough.

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I'll try to make it if I'm invited. I may end up doing more harm than good.

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Maya, you're back?  Thought you were done with Rift.  Spoke to Brandolina a couple of times and he seemed done, too.

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I definately needed a break, musical chairs with guilds was taking its toll.  Will need to see about raiding though as I have to get up early and get the real Maya to school in the mornings and don't want to be dragging ass the rest of the day. Will also need mamma bears blessing.  So it's all up in the air at this moment in time.

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Well, I'm sure we're all going to be doing lots of harm to all manner of things, so you'll be more than welcome.


I'm intensely curious about what's coming and hoping I get a chance to break a few things and file bug reports.


There may be instant-70 pots available. We'll have to decide if, or when, we want to check out what we can expect from end game on release.

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As an update, according to one person on the Rift forums, the open beta is really open. Anyone can get on the PTS and see the new content/play at 70 during the open beta regardless of purchase.


Also, there's a more complete guide to taking a fresh character to end-game ready here: 


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From Brasse:

The Beta Build is still chugging along. It's solid, but like all hulking behemoths, it is SLOW.
We are starting to build ETAs, but all I can tell you at this point is "this afternoon." 
I realize that covers the period from 12 noon to 6pm PST, but such are the mysteries of code!
Remember, as on any launch day, do NOT take the day off, do NOT delay real life fun and duty - stuff happens!


Looks like they're on track for open beta for today.

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