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Starfall Prophecy - Open Beta Date Announced

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I am happy to report that after testing went well yesterday...

We are ON for Starfall Prophecy Beta THIS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20th
Yep, you heard it here, directly second hand from Archonix "What Could Possibly Go Wrong" Producer. I have screenshots of the internal discussion in case I need them. =)
The exact time will be dependent on the patching process, and we'll handle downtime messaging as usual when it's locked and loaded.
Thank you for your patience - we can't wait to share the Comet of Ankhet with you all, and it's in a ready state now for us all to provide valuable feedback.
Reminder: This is an OPEN BETA - feel free to stream, take screenshots and post about your experiences. We will have a Beta section of the forums up and ready on Thursday.


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