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    I've been in-active for so long...I'm almost retired out of the military.

    Once in awhile, I'd pop my head in to check on the cotp forums. If I'm not mistaken, was there a private section for SC?

    Back in Nov 2013, I was appointed as an ambassador for SC. I have an update I'd like to post. I'll be ramping up my outreach and establishing relations with other organizations within the Star Citizen community. Additionally, I'd like to volunteer with any available leadership positions for the SC chapter. I wouldn't mind contiuning playing a diplomatic roll. I feel this game will need it. 

    Honestly, I think it's time to update our stance on SC and start fleshing out possible rolls, agendas and our goal in SC..ontop of just having fun with the game. re-poll those who are still interested, ships purchsed etc.

    I'm gearing up. I hope to hear from  you all shortly.



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    Hi Jayvyn,

    yes, the loss of the "private" section is news for me too, but it seems we have a new "Member Area" section to replace it, just without all the old content, especially the active player friends list! Wonder why it got replaced, and who forgot to bring the important stuff like the friends list over.

    But as of late, im sorry to report there isnt much activity of any kind in forums or Star Citizen among CotP, and I havent been online in Mumble for over 6 months, since there isnt anybody online anyway. As depressing as trying to find new people to join CotP (or GDO for that matter).

    Youre welcome to try SC 2.6 with me, my steam handle is "Vindex Terrae" and we got a new FPS module ready.



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