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    Hello, kinda new to this part of phoenix and would like to say hi, I will be looking for a few players who would like to team up for star marine. We run a team of 3 right now who train in the PU at port kareah.

    If you looking to play star marine on the 16th .. if we get it lol I hope we do, let me know we have are own vent for team runs.

    fill free to use for star citizen

    Hostname: vent49.gameservers.com
    Server Port: 4213

    We will also be be offering jobs when game go's live for mining,cargo, and gas, as well as other shops we hope to set up, If you think you would like a job set up and would like to pick your spot talk to me on vent I go by username : arkness  If you own ships for this as well and would like to run a partnership come talk to me as well.

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    Hi Fires,


    We actually have a good number of members who have multiple ships in the hanger, but most like myself are waiting for the game to progress further.  There are some members who are playing now, and that activity might pick up now that Jayvyn is back.


    We already have a mumble server for Star Citizen, which as a member you are welcome to use.  If you are going to run a separate organization outside of CotP and want partner up then you will need to talk to Jayvyn.

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