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CotP Discord Channel

Covenant of the Phoenix has a new official Discord Channel!!!
By Throne

CotP and Fallout 76

Fallout 76's full release date was announced at Bethesda's E3 conference, and it's coming this year on November 14th, 2018 on PC
Now, please feel free to rewind your gaming memory to June, 2015...
ARK: Survival Evolved's early release showed up on Steam, and surprised the heck out of most CotP members, including myself.  Despite the server stability and networking issues, the game was quite a hit with CotP members and certainly made a lasting impact on this community.
While Fallout 76 is not sneaking up on anyone who doesn't live under a rock, I am personally hoping for another CotP adventure filled with good times akin to our experience in the early days of ARK's early release.  I hope to meet plenty of CotP gamers who I haven't had the opportunity to game with in the past, and potentially add a few new names to my eternal (short)  list of people I generally pretend to like.  Similar to ARK, I also expect we will have enough participation to garner some internal competition....(hopefully a change from the standard Throne's team vs Damis' team we generally end up in).
We do not have any plans for an official CotP group in the current BETA, however, as always, we will rely on our established team of early testers to give us a head start on how the game plays and where the early focus needs to be.
The group forum is up and open to whomever would like to join in on the discussions and plans.
General information:  
By Elric

New Ark Expansion!

If you haven't already seen it, the new Ark expansion was released yesterday.  The new expansion, "Extinction", takes the players back to Earth to find a ravaged homeworld with all sorts of new creatures and challenges.  It seems like they've taken some popular mod content and created some massive "Titans" that function as world bosses throughout the new map. 
The new launch trailer: 
COTP does not have an "official" server right now.  Currently Cecil and I run a private server for any COTP members that want to join.  Hit me up via PM if you would like to give it a try!  We are working with our hosting company to get the new expansion server up today.
Here is the official content notes from the Steam page:
By Damis

MapleStory 2 Chapter Created.

October 6th, Covenant of the Phoenix created a new chapter in MapleStory 2 on the North America East server.  MapleStory 2 will officially launch on October 10th, but people can start playing the game now if they bought a Head Start account. 
MapleStory 2 is a new MMORPG set in a colorful 3D block universe. Vastly different than the original game, MapleStory 2 will allow players to build their own worlds, levels, and share them with each other. The familiar Action RPG combat is back, but this time in a 3D isometric angle.
MapleStory 2 takes place before the events of MapleStory, and the rise of the Black Mage. The origin of the world's life, time, and space are kept in balance through the actions of three Sages, who live in Lapenta. Dark forces, however, broke the balance and put the world in crisis.
COTP Chapter Page: https://covenantofthephoenix.com/gc/25-maplestory-2/
Game Link:  http://maplestory2.nexon.net/en/landing
Head Start info:  http://maplestory2.nexon.net/en/founders
By Damis

Star Wars Galaxies Emulator Server.

Star Wars Galaxies is a sandbox MMO set in the Star Wars universe shortly after the destruction of the first Deathstar above Yavin IV.  Star Wars Galaxies officially closed on 15th December 2011.  SWGEmu aims to emulate Star Wars Galaxies in it's Pre-CU era, version 14.1. The current game is stable, and all the classes are working, such as the creature handler, droid engineer and Jedi. 
We have members playing on the Basilisk server which has a large and active community base.  We have established a city on Dantooine and have entertainers and doctors available to buff members.
Some of the CotP members have started doing the Jedi Village quests on their way to becoming a Jedi.  Note, this the pre-nge Jedi, which requires players to put in time and effort to actually earn something great.  I was one of a handful of Jedi in our old CotP guild on Bloodfin in the original game and I can personally attest that becoming a Jedi was the proudest moment in my gaming history.  It took Months of hard work, but when I finally crafted and activated my light saber, it sent chills down my back.  No other game has ever given me that sort of satisfaction.  
The emu server does not have Jump to Lightspeed (JTL) working yet, but they do have shipwrights in place.  When JTL finally gets rolled out, I expect there will be a surge of veterans players returning to the game. 
Members interested in trying out the game or would like more information should contact Aveno in discord.
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  • Enjoy your summer everyone!
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RIFT 4.0: Hotfix #6 12/14/2016

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It’s finally time! Telara beckons with an amazing array of new items and features, along with all our traditional favorite events, Instant Adventure and Warfront! Join us again and celebrate the season, from December 15th, 2016 @ 3:30 PM server time through January 11th, 2017!
All the Fae Yule quests are back, as well as the Instant Adventure: Fae Yule In Iron Pine Peak and Warfront: A Very Fae Yule Whitefall! The traditional zone events are back as well – listen and watch for “There Arose Such A Clatter” and “Fae Yule Gifts” in various zones, as well as Fae Yule-themed Air Rifts.
In the RIFT Store are new items and returning items for Fae Yule currency OR credits, including Frosty levitation, Turtledove Wings, the Brasse-approved Fae Yule Bearded Cap, winter themed weapons, winter-themed weapons and MORE! 
Dimensioneers, a NEW dimension is available as well! Subzero has plenty of space to build your ideal winter scenes, not to mention new dimension items to fill your dimension with!
* Fixed frame rate issues on 64-bit client, particularly in Tok’s Proving Ground.
* Players who leave a Planar Assault when their adventure group moves to a new map instance are booted from the instance map.
* Fixed a bug where recycling a planar fragment while attaching it to mail would cause an unexpected failure.
* Fixed a bug with items upgraded by achievement progress were reporting their progress too often.
* Strife Trigger upgrade components are no longer giftable in the Rift Store.
* Masteries of all callings now have their damage and healing scale up as you approach level 70, rather than remaining static.
* Legendary Fae Mimicry can no longer affect its own cooldown.
* Conduit of Nature - Faerie Seer now correctly reduces cooldowns by 15%.
* Legendary Grave Rot now has a 75s cooldown and can correctly be broken free from.
* Ethereal Beam damage increased. Tooltip now correctly reflects expected damage.
* Hundred Blades now deals 25% reduced damage in PVP.
* Story companions will now leave an after-image in locations where quests can be turned in so you can better locate the final objective of the quest.
* Fixed an issue where Coronation couldn’t be turned in while Cyril and Veist were companions.
* Using an ability to dismiss your pets will no longer dismiss your quest companions.
* An edge case that prevented turning in “Of Devils and Prophecy” has been fixed.
* Quest: King’s Fall and Echo of King’s Fall: Trash mobs no longer drop loot.
* Quest: King’s Fall and Echo of King’s Fall:: Fixed some scripting that should more reliably make Duke Arcarax targetable and aggressive after the three Soul Prisons have been killed
* Quest: A Tale of the Devil Who Would Be King: Fixed a bug where it was possible to complete the quest by completing another quest.
* Quest: Of Devils and Prophecy: This quest now has a minimum level of 66.
* Quest: The Tale of Scarlet Night: Fixed a bug where it was possible to complete the quest by completing another quest.
* Quest: I, Razorbeast: Fixed map locators for stray Tuath’de Hunters, making it easier to find them.
* The Tuath’de who appear as Planar Invasions and at the Planar Anchors will no longer fight with the Tuath’de who wander the open swamps of Xarth Mire.
* Reduced the outgoing damage buff of Swedge’s Fury and Gerbik’s Vengeance slightly.
* Increased the damage of Gerbik’s Crimson Pyre.
* Fixed the following achievements ‘Stop the Madness’, ‘It’s all wrapped up’, and ‘Pressure Cooker’.
* Fixed a bug where Scarn was not getting the heat index.
* Fixed a small exploit on Killthraxus where players could destroy the Obsidian Pillar with a single explosive
* Fixed some bugs and exploits in Tok’s Proving Grounds.
* Fixed an exploit where players could get more than one of the same family essence in a focus. Any essences fixed in this fashion should end up in your inventory.
* Skinning: Increased the rate of Infused Starhide from lvl 68+ mobs. Added a chance for Infused Starhide from level 65-67 mobs in Starfall Prophecy.


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@Dilda @Amber


* Fixed the following achievements ‘Stop the Madness’, ‘It’s all wrapped up’, and ‘Pressure Cooker’.
* Fixed a bug where Scarn was not getting the heat index.
:lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

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