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Rename Airship #2

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So renaming our "Blame Arsenix" airship has been a topic that has come up in chat a few times. Originally the name was a tongue and cheek way to honor a former FC leader, but time has passed and many no longer get the reference. It also has the worst RNG of any of our airships, so I am proposing a name change!


Please post your name ideas below, one name per reply. As ideas are posted, please click the green "vote this up" arrow. After some time has passed I will create a pole with the most upvoted 3 or 5 (depending on total submissions) and we will vote for the winner. 


Member who submits the winning airship will receive a 500k gil prize!!

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Yeah I'm more of the Keep it the Same/Similar myself.


Blame Arsenix Redux

Arsenix Reborn

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I recommend you rename the airship "The Miki."


You were the guy with the elbow fetish right???

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