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For the foreseeable future, we'll be doing Boss runs every Friday and Sunday Night at 9p CT.
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Honest Pino's Used Goods Emporium

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well, actually the shop is called:

'The Phoenix's Nest'

but I do run a shop on the weekends. If you get something rare like a poetry book, or you want to try and sell a thing for more than the npc's will give you, let me know !


(and if you see something in the shop that you need, I am confident an arrangement can be made with the seller)



If you get your industry to 25, a shop is great long term storage. You pay for 24 hours, dump 26 slots (currently that's the size limit) of inventory and don't list any of it for sale. Let the time run out and the shop 'disappears' until you pay for it to come back. All inventory and funds in the till, if any, are preserved.

The cost of keeping the shop open increases every 24 hours for 30 days then resets. but it's continuous days that count, so opening it once a week is not expensive at all.

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Good thing you went with Phoenix Nest. That subject line name raises all kinds of red flags XD

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I bet red flags would sell really well.

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Just need a pole-turner for flying them. Though if you had a really long ponytail, I guess you could tie them to that as a kind of streamer....

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In broad terms, the shop is a success. we've sold about 45k worth of stock for about 10k upkeep/costs.


I think I will let it stay shut this weekend, and then get the low, freshly reset fee for next weekend.


It's almost 3k/day now to hang our shingle.



if any guildies need mats/drops like saltpeter, ice cores, sulfur, gems, swords, w/e... (or anything listed in the shop ofc) just ask !

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