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  • What are your character(s)'s SMART goals?

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    Oh no! Why is this office work term showing up for a video game? Don't worry, you don't have to put anything if you don't want to. I just thought it would be nice to get an idea of folks' biggest priorities at the moment. We're a bit far in and maybe some of you have already finished your intended path and are just kind of meandering. If so, maybe put some thought into what next. If not, let us see if we can help each other by making our areas of focus known! Don't worry if someone else already posts the same goal or a conflicting goal. Just have fun with it!


    What do I mean by SMART goals? If you don't work in an office (or even if you do) you may not have heard this term or may know of more than one definition of the acronym. So here is what I am talking about.


    Specific: Narrow down your goal and be specific. It isn't just Acquire a House. Row, village, town, city make huge differences to the scope of the goal. Does it need to be an NPC city lot, or is POT lot just fine? Do you want to use a specific house deed? Etc....


    Measurable: Make sure your goal has a way to measure progress! Things like Reach X Level or Acquire Y Possession are easy. The numbers are right there. Something like Be the best Blacksmith in Novia is rather nebulous. What parameters make you the best? Highest skill? Most sales? Most profit? How do you get numbers from your competition to measure against? By all means, strive to be the best, but its hard to make a measurable goal out of and thus falls short of this exercise.


    Achievable: The goal should be achievable in the game systems. Becoming the Governor of Ardoris is not achievable in the game systems (to my knowledge).

    Relevant: This is more of a workplace thing where your goal should be relevant to your position / responsibilities. In this case we're going to swap it our with Rewarding, Make sure your goal is something that will promote fun for you personally!


    Timely: We're playing a game, not running a project so we don't need deadlines. But we should keep timeliness in mind. I could say for example, that I want to earn a million gold. That ticks all of the above boxes, but it would take me so long to do that I might become demotivated. In that case, it is time to break it up.

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    Arnaeus Moonglow's Goals:

    • Save Up 4 Months worth of Tax Credit for a Village Lot
    • Reach Level 100 in Tailoring Skill
    • Reach Level 75 in Tailoring Masterwork Proficiency
    • Reach Level 50 in Cloth Masterwork Proficiency


    These are broken down goals, out of much larger ones. As these get hit they will be upgraded to their more ambitious versions.


    Largest Challenges:

    • Grinding out the required Crafting XP
    • Farming the Silver - Earth Elemental respawn rate makes solo farming more challenging last I checked.
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    • 4 weeks later...

    Not seen anyone else on in a while, but figured I'd drop a personal progress report in here anyways.


    Have my village lot paid out to 70 days out of 120. So little more than half. Grinding bandit Fighters for halberds in Serpent's Spine Foothills still seems the fastest gold farm when solo.

    Tailoring is at 99/100, so that is almost off my list as well. Crafting XP Grind is still rough in time consumption, though I am starting to do a little better against the elementals. The new resists system made them a bit tougher, but it is more likely to fight one or two at a time than three or four now.



    Still slowly chipping along.

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    Haha, too many to list!


    Stretch Goal: More engagement with community in an effort to recruit/grow the chapter!


    That one is presently tough given my limited play time and the fact that new players are rare and most existing ones have formed affiliations.

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    It'll be nice to see you again. I had taken a break myself prior to starting this thread up.


    Just wrapped up my housing pre-payment to 105 days, which seems to be a limit. But I've got the funds set aside to cover another month of tax. So first of the above goals completed. Now I get to go back into mining silver constantly.

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    • 2 weeks later...

    I was on their for a bit today, but I will have to learn the game all over again lol.


    More than willing to tag along to help out if we wind up online at the same time. Some areas got harder, some got easier. Mob spawns are way faster, which makes things like silver collection a bit more combat intensive.

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    • 7 months later...

    Haven't touched this in a while, hah.

    70/75 Tailoring Masterwork Proficiency.
    41 / 50 Cloth
    23 / 50 Leather (now that I have people to make some for)

    Also striving to get 60 in all sun skills, and 80 in all water skills.

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