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For those of you that play the Devoted Cleric class, please consider this thread your home for all links, Info, and tips about playing the Cleric to its maximum!  Everyone loves the DC, and no party can really live without it at upper levels.  So let's show it some love, and hear from the best clerics in our guild!

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The new chapter is being written for the DC, and the following lists the changes as posted from the developers.  Read on and post your thoughts!



As part of the ongoing effort to balance classes in Neverwinter, we are looking at the Devoted Cleric and its role and viability in group and solo content. The main issues being addressed are Daily power imbalances and the solo experience. Due to the scope of these changes, all Devoted Clerics will be receiving a free respec when they go live.

In group content, Devoted Clerics rely too heavily on Anointed Army, which is almost always the optimal Daily power of choice. Furthermore, Anointed Army has trivialized a lot of endgame content (even before it was broken), so it has been on our list of powers to address for a while now. One of the intentions of this pass is to put Anointed Army in line with other Dailies so that players need to make a choice of which Daily powers to use depending on the situation. In addition to this, a number of other Daily powers that were either not working as intended or just not very useful have been adjusted.

In solo content, Devoted Clerics can be painful to play relative to other classes due to their low damage output. This pass should address Clerics’ overall self-sufficiency.

Here is the list of changes being made to the Devoted Cleric:

  • The following powers have had their damage increased by 30%:
    • Sun Burst
    • Searing Light
    • Chains of Blazing Light
    • Daunting Light
    • Forgemaster’s Flame
    • Divine Glow
    • Break the Spirit
    • Prophecy of Doom
    • Flame Strike
    • Hammer of Fate
  • Lance of Faith
    • The third hit of this power now deals damage to nearby targets.
  • Anointed Army
    • The amount of damage absorbed by each charge of Anointed Army has been capped at 20% of the target’s maximum Hit Points. While the bug for this power was that it was mitigating 100% of incoming damage rather than the original 90%, the power will be left at 100% absorption for damage amounts at 20% of the target’s maximum hit points or below, now that the amount absorbed has been capped.
    • The power transferred from the Cleric to party members has been reduced from 50% to 33%. 
    • This power no longer grants CC immunity after all blessings have expired.
  • Hallowed Ground
    • Clerics can now gain Action Points while Hallowed Ground is active. To compensate for this adjustment, this power now has a 45-second cooldown (can be shortened with cooldown reduction). Ideally, we would like to get rid of these “AP gain blocks” from most, if not all, Daily powers. In cases where the intent is to make a Daily non-spammable, a cooldown allows players to at least have the option to build AP to use their other Daily, if they so desire.
  • Divine Armor
    • Clerics can now gain Action Points immediately after using Divine Armor.
    • Divine Armor no longer grants Damage Resistance. Instead, it grants targets 50% of their maximum hit points as Temporary Hit Points (up from 20%) for 5 seconds, plus an additional 10% per rank, to a maximum of 80% of the target’s maximum hit points. 
    • Fixed a bug where Divine Armor was not granting additional Temporary Hit Points at additional ranks.
  • Guardian of Faith
    • This power now heals targets for 500% of its original amount.
  • Templar’s Domain
    • Fixed a bug where this feat could only proc once every 5 minutes. There is no longer a limit on the amount of times this feat can proc, and successive procs will refresh its duration (does not stack).
  • Terrifying Insight
    • This power no longer decreases the damage resistance of the Cleric's target. Instead, it now increases the damage dealt by all party members by 8%, with an additional 4% per rank, for a maximum of 20%.
  • Prophetic Action
    • This power now shields the Cleric against one attack for up to 100% of their maximum hit points, and additionally shields all party members against one attack for up to 25% of their maximum hit points, every 30/27/24/21 seconds.
  • Prophecy of Doom
    • Fixed this power to instantly recharge if the target is killed during its duration.
    • Fixed this power to correctly grant AP. 
    • Fixed this power to correctly increase in duration per empowered charge consumed.
  • Warding Flare
    • This power now affects up to 5 nearby targets, rather than one target chosen at random (divinity version is still a direct single-target).
    • This power now shields the target for 10% of the target's maximum hit points, rather than a percentage of weapon damage. 
    • The tick rate of this power has been reduced to every second, down from every 1.5 seconds.
    • The empowered version of this power also heals targets in addition to shielding them. The healing amount increases with each charge consumed.
    • The empowered version of this power no longer increases in duration per charge consumed.
  • Geas
    • Fixed this power to correctly grant AP.
  • Divine Glow
    • Fixed this power to correctly increase in duration per empowered charge consumed.
    • Fixed this power to correctly proc weapon enchantments, racial abilities, and certain set bonuses. This fix should apply to several other powers in the game, specifically those that could target enemies but also had healing components.
  • Hastening Light: Artifact Feature
    • Fixed a bug where this power was never triggering. However, it has also been looked into and adjusted to grant 5% AP to allies over 15 seconds, rather than 10% AP instantly. This effect does not affect the Cleric triggering the power.
  • Living Flame
    • This power has been changed to grant a 5/10/15/20/25% buff to damage dealt for 8 seconds when taken below 30% hit points, rather than only granting the buff while the Cleric is below 30% hit points.
  • Piercing Light
    • Fixed this power to rank up correctly with ranks in Piercing Light.
  • Condemning Gaze
    • Fixed a bug where this power could debuff more than 15% damage resistance to targets in certain cases.
    • Corrected tooltip to communicate that this is an area effect.
  • Searing Light
    • This power no longer grants AP in Divine mode, as it is not intended for any encounter powers to generate AP in this mode.
  • Chains of Blazing Light
    • This power no longer grants AP in Divine mode.
    • Corrected tooltip to communicate that this power increases damage by 15% per charge consumed, not 10%.
  • Gift of Haste
    • Fixed a bug where this power could stack in some situations.
  • Anointed Action
    • Fixed this power to proc correctly for Divine Armor, Anointed Army, and Guardian of Faith.
  • Repurpose Soul
    • Fixed this power to grant the correct 5/10/15% healing amount as described in the tooltip, up from 3/6/9%.
    • Fixed an issue where this power was not triggering from certain other powers.
  • Ancient Warding
    • Fixed this power to proc correctly after Anointed Army expires.

This thread is being posted in advance to putting the changes up on the Preview Shard, so now is the time to give feedback on the proposed changes. The overall intent is to increase the number of choices Devoted Clerics have rather than restricting them to a single optimal power and to improve their solo experience. 

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     This class is definitely one that I've grown to enjoy playing. Yes, the cleric is tough to play solo unless you put most or your power points into critical strike and power. A build like this is more designed to be played as a Divine Oracle path as you get skills to compliment the damage output. However, if you choose this route be mindful that you will be slacking in party content somewhat. Your healing ability and defense is now diminished relying mostly on buffs and debuffs to get your party through. If you take the Anointed Champion path you'll be most helpful in those dungeon runs when your party depends on your ability to heal as well as support with buffs and debuffs. The Devoted Cleric isn't for everyone and takes time to understand the difference your skills make when you cast under Divinity, and Fully Empowered to get the most out of them when the situation calls for it. 

     For someone new to this class, understand that it is a tough class to play. But for those that don't throw in the towel, it can be very rewarding in the long run. So get in there and make a Devoted Cleric today! It'll keep you on your toes and is always fun at parties!  :gamer1:

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One thing that also may be true, as you deal damage and heal alot, you can get a bit better rewards from your performance in dungeons and skirmishes.

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With the addition of Weapon and Armor Enchantments, the selection can be confusing.  Here is a list of Best Enchantments for the Devoted Cleric:

Weapon Enchantments:

Frost (at rank 11/12) for debuff
Plague Fire (debuff, hard to keep stack though)
Dread (small debuff, crit severity for damage or heals)

Armor Enchantments:

Lesser soulforge - instantly resurrects you when you die, once every 2 minutes.
Negation for DR while being hitted (goot for packs in chult) + extra recovery.
Barkshield for bigger, rare hits plus mobs in Chult and RD are less likely to dismount you

Normal enchants? Depends on your build. Mix of radiants and cruels/silveries for AC, for DO mix of radiant, silveries, azures or black ice or cruels or vicious...so on.

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