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Planetside Landings in 1 month

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 Star Citizen 3.0 count down to 1 month. Hopefully the 600 will be available too after this release. The latest three Around the Verse Episodes have been great insight into 3.0. Mining will be released in a basic form  so we can get a feel for it also through missions I am hoping. Cutlass Black with its new and improved look shall be available.






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Sadly enough, the 3.0 release has been pushed even further, even CR think 4-6 weeks. If you want to check yourself:


Currently with every blocker they get 10 new critical bugs. Thats development for you. But I was playing planetside on Gamescom, 3.0 is indeed very much worth the wait, as will 4.0 be.

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Oh make jealous ;). Its great to hear someone from CoTP was able to get 15 min. Flight time. I hope u didnt wait too long.


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 Evocati Have 3.0! Getting close to planetside landings :)

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