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Who is playing? Still stripping the Swamp? Another PF RPG?

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For a short while I was seeing some activity in game and lately that has seemed to have ceased.  Once Hammerfall's training is up to 20 (and I am made aware of when that is so I can be sure not to miss it), Notta has the xp to get the last thing I need to get her to a Level 20 rogue (hoped that would be today but training is not at 20.  Does anyone know f any settlement has a rogue trainer and training set to 20?


Also, are we still preemptively stripping the swamp?


How many are aware that there was a Kickstarter for a Pathfinder RPG (solo play)?  Should that annoy me?

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We are deliberately stripping the swamp and UtM.  If you lift anything from the swamp, please let Harn know.  Current permissions are no one but PR is allowed to harvest, including allies.


Activity is still happening in game.  It's summer in the north.  Summer stuff is happening outside the game for many of us.  Except the Texans.  They are hibernating from heat.


The solo Pathfinder game on kickstarter looks interesting.


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I am usually on everyday, but am having medical issues again, nothing too serious, but enough to keep me out of the chair for the next week or so.  I can only guess for those with families, this time of year is filled with more life than game.  And yes, Summer in Texas means this introvert recluse becomes even more reclusive, too dang hot...



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I hopped into the game yesterday and killed some Usties with Zax and Harne. I will tentatively be around a little bit, but I'm not going to commit to anything.

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Just got Heal from the Duergar in Kevin last night, so should have the healing expendables waiting for ya

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