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Rent due - now I'm broke

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Hello everyone,


I'm relatively new to the guild, I don't know hardly anyone due to my hectic schedule. Unfortunately I decided to level a nightshade as my first character so as you can imagine it's very slow, unproductive, and a very poor lifestyle. 


I logged in tonight and got a message the house would be repossessed tomorrow (7/25) unless I paid rent. I couldn't get a hold of anyone in mumble and noticed the forums haven't been used much, so hopefully this reaches someone. I deposited the amount, but now I'm broke and I doubt I'll be able to scrounge up more money by the time rent is due again.


Hope someone sees this, thanks!

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Hi, thanks for the update and for paying the rent on the house.  our DAoC folks spend more time on mumble than the forums.

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