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So about me falling off the face of the earth for the second time.

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             So for the second time I had decided to quit SWTOR. Between the new changes to gear and the stress in my life I had just had enough. I was tired of complaining about the issues I had with the game and my funds were running low because student debt is a pain. A lot has changed in my sense then which is all personal and I do't feel like getting into more detail. Due to my nature as a hermit I tend to just shut myself off of responsibility.

             I unfairly avoided everyone and I do apologize. I don't deal with stress often so I usually fail to recognize it until it is much too late. Hope everyone is doing well.

             P.S. I may be returning to the game as well. I had my time to go do other things and am ready to start the game again fresh. Who knows how involved I will get back into it this time tho. Thank you for taking time to read this.


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Welcome back! Hubby and I have just returned after over a year away. So I totally get it. Hope to run into you in mumble or game

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I know this is pretty old, but you could be cheap like me and only sub once a year for a 60 day pass... in the meantime, you can FP to your hearts content and craft while hoarding credits in your escrow.  Just a thought.

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