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I am looking for a new mmo used to play pen and paper D&D.  How is it starting fresh in this game or is DDO better?

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Hi Groats,


Good question.

Having played since December 2016, I will give you my insight.


The graphics are good, the mechanics are straight forward, the class abilities are not overly complicated, as some abilities for fighter types are repeated in different fighter classes, with different names; though mostly each class has it's unique and significantly different abilities.

Leveling to 70 is easy, can dot it in a couple weeks of consistent play.  Most people solo the zones to level fast, then the campaign zones and dungeon runs start in earnest.


Most of the game revolves around you running with groups in the higher level dungeons to get a shot at the best drops for gear; groups of 5 for all except Tiamat and a couple others.


You quickly find your appetite for Astral Diamonds out strips one characters ability to make them, so you roll up more characters. This has a downside, you have to run the same zones, campaigns, and dungeons again and again on different characters - that gets you bored and burned out if you do it too much.


It would take me over 2 hours to run my 7 characters through 2 dungeons and 2 skirmishes each to max out on AD, leaving no time for zones or group runs on higher level dungeons, so obviously I don't do that.


There are also events - and these require you to do something daily in the event zone to earn the currency needed to get the good stuff from the temporary event vendor.  If you don't get it, the event comes around again, and you can pick up where you left off, though the rewards may change to something new and shiny.


I've never met a MMORPG that didn't have a grind, that is what makes you play it.


We have a decent guild in a good alliance that gives you access to high level players and items you need in a casual atmosphere.

Give it try, try to focus on your main character, there are many to select from; the most useful being the Paladin, Hunter Ranger, Great Weapon Fighter, and the Devoted Cleric.


Good Luck, we look forward to seeing you in the game.

Don't make an offensive / non-family friendly @handle,as you will be stuck with it for life and all your characters, and we won't be able to invite you.  8-)

Post your@handle here and we can sort out an invite.



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I've played DDO in the past and found it to have a much higher learning curve as well as some more "pay-to-win" aspects to it. I would highly recommend Neverwinter over Dungeons & Dragons Online. The combat mechanics and questing systems are by far better than DDO.

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