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New to FFXIV and looking for a friendly guild :-)

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Hi there, I've just recently started playing FFXIV, so new to the game as well as the lore and everything. This is not my first MMO though, I have played EQ2, Vanguard, SWTOR, and a few others. I usually play a healer, but decided to try something different in this one and chose a tank, Paladin. I am 46 now and having a blast.


I am currently in a guild, but no one ever talks or does things together. I am looking to find one where people like to actually group up and do things in the guild. Also am very interested in raiding when I get to that point. I have raided in all the other games I have played and really enjoy that content. So basically looking for a home and hoping I might find one here. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Hello Dragonwraith!

Our COTP Free Company (guild) is on the Leviathan server. There is usually someone at the house; which is in Mist ward 4 plot 5 currently(or the market board nearby); which can give you an invite into the FC. Or you can try to find someone with the <CotP> tag to put in an application.

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