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Joining BDO (soon)

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Howdy everyone!


After many years of having a computer that is behind-the-times, I have a new rig arriving next week and will finally be able to play modern games.  BDO is high on my list.  Please help me understand why!


What are your favorite two things about the game?  What is the annoying thing that you can help me minimize?  What are the things the guild needs more players doing?  


Reviewing class guides now, but any recommendations are welcome.  Sadly my weekday play time tends to be 5am-7am pacific (before work) so I may be missing most of you most of the time.


-Dan, once player of Chatsuane of Leth Nurae, the elvish bard responsible for the massacre at Veshkal's Exchange.  (Vanguard)

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Looking forward to you joining, if you look in the public lounge in the main page I have posted some guest passes to help get you started for free. 

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Are you still looking to BDO Chat? Honestly my favorites are the openess of the game, you do whatever you want, and also the fact that as many said, it's a marathon, not a sprint. There is never any rush to do anything in this game at all, anything you do is basically still progression.

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