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  • Discord Push-to-Talk | How to Run Discord as Admin


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    Our Discord server requires those connected to the voice channels to use Push-to-Talk in order to speak. This prevents excessive hotmiccing and picking up unnecessary background noise. In order to use Push-to-Talk while in a game, you must run the Discord program as an admin, similar to what you would do in Mumble. Below is a short guide on how to do that.

    Edit: Please ensure that Discord is NOT set to launch on System Startup under Windows Settings.


    59e3e1302cfa5_step1.png.72dcd8da9e1f1d9f594fb646115e70f4.pngStep 1: Find the application or shortcut on your desktop, in your Start list, your files, your task bar. Right click the application to select its properties.

    If it is pinned to your Task Bar, simply right-click the application, then right-click Discord and select Properties.













    2.1.PNG.07a916bf5f995971c241c1f1db86e342.PNGStep 2: Enable Admin Compatibility under Shortcut by clicking Advanced and selecting Run as Administrator. Click OK.
















    Step 3: Switch to the Compatibility tab, and enable the option to Run this program as an administrator. Apply changes or click OK.




    And hurrah! Your Discord will now prompt you to be ran as Admin each time you open it, allowing you to use Push-to-Talk while outside of the Discord window.

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    Guest iiSerpentKing

    When I follow these steps I get to the part where I'm supposed to check run as administrator and the screen is white. Also the shortcut itself says that the shortcut that it refers to has been changed or moved so the shortcut no longer works. Dunno what I'm supposed to do and my mic doesn't work at all right now.

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