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  • Win 10 build 1703 and 1709 'double login issue'


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    A simple issue this but one which has been causing considerable disquiet with many.

    You wake/boot/start up your computer to eventually be greeted with the 'LOG IN screen'. You enter your user name and password. Windows takes away the data input boxes, replacing them with the swirly dots of boredom. You blink and find yourself staring at either your log in screen wallpaper with clock or wallpaper and log in boxes AGAIN!

    Entering the user name and password gets you to the desktop for real the second time.


    But why is it doing this and more importantly what manual hacks do I have to do in the unfathomable innards of windows to fix this?


    Well, actually, no hacking, no mucking about this time, you just need to change one single slider.

    Access 'Windows Settings' (Windows key +I), click on 'Accounts', click on 'Sign-In Options' and scroll to the bottom of the right hand panel.

    You should see two entries under the heading of 'Privacy', turn off or clear the slider for 'Use my sign-in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update or restart'.


    That's it, done!

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