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Drayvn's ARK Cluster Server

For the foreseeable future, we'll be doing Boss runs every Friday and Sunday Night at 9p CT.
Join Us For Boss Night

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If they stand behind you - PROTECT THEM.

If they stand beside you - RESPECT THEM.

If they stand against you - DEFEAT THEM!

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CotP Discord Channel

Covenant of the Phoenix has a new official Discord Channel!!!

SWTOR is Awesome

Check out the latest from the SWTOR chapter!
YAY for Server Merge Drama!
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  • SWTOR Announces Server Merges
  • Crowfall's Alpha 5 servers now running 24/7
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Rezwyn Member Application

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  • What game are you joining us in?
  • How did you hear about us?
    Guild advertisement in-game
  • Do you have family or friends already in CotP?
  • Do you agree to abide by the rules set forth in the Covenant of the Phoenix Charter and Chapter policies?
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself.
    I was previously in Systems Commonwealth guild. I was not happy with that guild and wanted to make a change. Your guild was on my list of guild to ask questions to. I happened to be played when you made an announcement to help players get to the fleet datacron. I was really impressed by how organized and helpful everyone was and asked to join that day. I am a long-time tabletop roleplayer and video game player. I still have people over every Sunday to my house for Pathfinder. I attempted RP in my last guild and was not happy with it, but it may just be the difference in RPing online vs. at a table. I am fairly new to online gaming. As of now I am trying to play a tank, that seems to suit my playing style best, but I haven't found a class in swtor I love yet. I am still experimenting with finding the character that will be my main character.
  • Game character name (for contact)?
    Rezwyn, Rez'wyn, Rezwyen, Silorne, Annezka

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Welcome to the CotP Community!

We hope that you will enjoy your stay, with our gaming family.


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