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Jaqen HGar

Pre-Alpha section for pantheon/ leaders of section

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just wondering if we should make a sub form for PA so that we can keep NDA out of the main area? Also, who going to be leading this chapter. i would like to help do that because i'm making this my main for years to come and not much going on and i want to try and get people to join us etc !

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Is there a NDA for the game?   NDA's usually ends when the game goes public.  As for the chapter leaders and officers, lets see who is interested and go from there.

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Once PA starts we have to sign a NDA form and they want a year of PA before they move to Alpha,beta's etc. so, i thought best we have a private area for that kind of talk. i would be down for chap leader cause this game going to be my next long one like EQ was. but i will leave that up to you guys to choose who you want to run it. ?Also does anyone else have a PA acct for pantheon?

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