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For the foreseeable future, we'll be doing Boss runs every Friday and Sunday Night at 9p CT.
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Ark Abberation Server

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with Wildcard Claiming they are going to release Abberation on the 12th ( we all know their track record)   The server will be setup the evening that it launches since we all have work and school and what not's.   We live in the MT time zone, so if it launches on the 12th please be patient and we should be able to have it up that evening around 10MT at the latest, baring RL cooperates.


Also the server will be stand alone for the first bit and will have no mods or anything.   We will keep the harvesting rates and taming rates the same as other servers tho.   breeding will go back to normal for a little bit as well.

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Available: December 12

This game will unlock in approximately less than an hour

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Yep, its officially released.  Lets see how long it goes before it breaks and they need to do a major patch. ;)

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