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  • Sunday, Jan 14th @ 6ish PST


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    A few of us will be getting together to check out 3.0 and the new features and quests and stuff.  As always, the more the merrier!  :drinks:

    If you haven't updated since 3.0 release, it will be a full game download (38 Gb) but since the launcher is persistent now, there will only be updates to download going forward to the beta.

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    Hello Ryptide and everyone else,

    I have been taking a bit of a break while I wait for my new video card to arrive. If anyone hasn't gotten a chance to play, 3.0 is a great starting point to allow you to get a feel for Star Citizen. I can't wait to join other folks ingame to get some flying or crew time in. I hope it goes well for everyone tomorrow.




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    We had about 4 of us show up, but found that it's kind of difficult to form groups, as well as, there isn't really any multi-crew content yet.  The next big push they're working on now, is for game and network performance.  Maybe we might see some group content by mid '18. 

    We still had a good time checking out a moon and hydroponics station.  Someone may have accidentally shot our pilot and co-pilot.  They can attest that a laser pistol to the head / visor will indeed cause an air leak.  However, a laser pistol to the knee did cause some discomfort, sadly, they were still able to run away.   Good fun! 

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