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    Hello All,

    I know there is not a whole lot of us and we usually are not all on at the same time.  I do think that if we try, we could probably coordinate so that we can do stuff in game together.  In the game I mostly do PVP and WVW, but I also like to do other activies with guild members :)  So if we ever decide to do a dungeon in game, I will be up for it :)  Just remember I run on a squishy thief and I like my squishy thief the way she is :) 

    From PVE and PVE, we are in the clear and we can do everything together.  WVW is where we come into issues with. I know not everyone has been lucky to get on JQ. WVW is the reason why I have more than one account. When JQ opened up, I created a free account.  

    My accounts are on these worlds:

    • Isle of Janthir (Has both expansions)
    • Crystal Desert (FREE)
    • Jade Quarry  (FREE)
    • Northern Shiverpeaks  (FREE)
    • Sanctum of Rall  (FREE)
    • Yak's Bend  (FREE)

    I use this to switch accounts:  https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/1g7xei/10_simple_steps_to_securely_switch_accounts/

    If we ever want to venture into WVW together, we may want to create an alternate server that we can use so some people here may want to create another account for that so that we all can play WVW together.  That is just an option/suggestion. 

    I have not built up my free accounts so that I can run WVW yet but that is the plan with them.  For the most part, when we do anything outside of WVW, I will be using my main account when we are able to group up :)

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    My play times are not typical but I’ll do my best to show up for anything. My other accounts are linked to Yak’s Bend and Crystal Desert; I have multiple 80’s. :P


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