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  • SC 3.0.1 FPS still low, but playable, will be on most evenings 6pm to 10pm CET

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    Hi everyone,

    this week i got much more than the usual 5 FPS out of the game servers, almost 50!! FPS at times, but at least above 20 FPS, occasional lags still occuring, but rare in space.

    The game is now what I consider borderline playable, still plenty of bugs and lags, but the obnoxious netcode issues have been handled it seems. Also, 3.1 with further netcodes is about 6 weeks away, with further improvements to the netcode confirmed by CIG.

    So, this is why im giving SC Alpha 3.0.1 serious tries with some buddies, and all of you are very welcome to join. We speak English and German, can play on US or EU Servers. Own TS Servers available, gotta admit that I have to reconfigure for CotP servers if you wanna meet there.

    So, reply and join the fun. We can also meet on steam: Steam Profile




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    Mainly FC7-M Superhornet, Freelancer is also quite useful even fighting off npcs, and ofc the Constellation Aquila or Andromeda. If youre a subscriber, then you can fly one for free as ship of the month, next month will be something else. So even if you only have capitals, 3.1 is coming next week!! with much improved performance and stability. Already tested many other ships on PTU (not the Reclaimer because of a bug you cant spawn one), and they are fun to fly. Joystick flight control system bug persists though, so mouse and keyboard for now.

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     I am still getting low frame rates with a 1080 ti hybrid with ssd. Waiting on optiumization :(. Cant use my HOTAS either which is frustrating.



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