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    • What game are you joining us in?
      Star Wars the Old Republic. Although I noticed that there are several other games on the list that I've played in the past, and might pick up again in the future.
    • How did you hear about us?
      Recruitment message by Shaloran in general chat in SWTOR.
    • Do you have family or friends already in CotP?
      Not to my knowledge.
    • Do you agree to abide by the rules set forth in the Covenant of the Phoenix Charter and Chapter policies?
    • Tell us a little bit about yourself.
      Been gaming since age 2 (currently 30). I enjoy all types of games, but these days I usually spend most of my gaming time with MMORPGs and FPS. Currently this includes Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (an in-depth MMO style game on mobile), SWTOR, which I just yesterday picked back up as an old school player for about the first year and a half of the games initial release. And I occasionally jump on Battlefront II (PS4) with some friends for fun. Hobbies include creative writing, independent filmmaking, watching far too many movies and/or TV, reading books (mostly sci-fi), and recording a podcast with a close friend. As for clan/guild history. Long story, but I'll try and keep it simple. I joined my first guild called "Team Katana" circa late 2001 for the Dreamcast game Phantasy Star Online. I quickly ascended to the rank of officer, and eventually took over as guild leader years later as we morphed into a multi-game guild. I kept that up until the summer of 2008 when the guild eventually disbanded. Since then I've been a member/officer of a number of guilds for a few games, WoW, SWTOR (from around 2012-2013 before I stopped playing), Destiny, and I am currently serving as an officer in the guild "Serendipity" for the aforementioned mobile game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Overall I think CotP looks very impressive from my initial first impression, and I look forward to becoming a full member, and joining in on the good times with other members currently playing SWTOR, as well as other games I might pick playing again, or perhaps something brand new that other members play. A good guild is very important to me when it comes to certain types of games!
    • Game character name (for contact)?
      SWTOR: Dou-Gi [Server: Star Forge]
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