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    Trying to gear up here past 230 and I guess I've hit a wall since I don't have a high enough command rank to get better drops (if I'm to understand correctly).Uunassembled components I feel like will take months upon months to accumulate so I've decided to buy all the Tier one gear and augment as high as I can for now. That said I don't have an armortech and cannot make Alacrity augments myself, so if someone does have one and wouldn't mind helping me out some time I would be appreciative!


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    Well, most activities in SWTOR generate command points and they have added assembled components as a reward to to many other activities beyond the original warzones only.

    That said, if you can get into operations, each mini boss and zone boss drops a token that can be turned in for 236 gold gear (includes the set bonus) from SM ops, 242 from Veteran and 248 from Master mode.

    As for the gear and augmenting... sigh, I wish I knew about this before you went and did the augmentation, I would have advised using one set of gear on the main character sheet page, (your "stat" gear) and a second set or more on the other numbered tabs (your appearance set) for looks only. I suggest augmenting the stat set and being prepared to replace the armoring's, mods and enhancements as you gear up. You can reduce some of the "pull" costs (removing the stat item from a gear slot) by only pulling the upgrade piece and "over-writing" the old piece in the stat set slot. If you wish to spread the stat pieces/mods around your alts, I strongly recommend at least one, preferably more "legacy" gear sets so that you can insert the old stat mod into it and send to an alt through the in-game mail system. (Not sure if you can drop it in the legacy bank.)

    I recommend trying for Sparkle's Gearing run or catching one or more of the spur of the moment ops that crop up but be aware that these crop out at odd times. Also, watch out for "lock-out" runs. A lock-out run, is an activity for conquest point farming. One group goes in to the conquest specified target operation and progresses to the 3rd or 4th boss, then some/most of the members drop out and switch to alt characters, reform up and finish the op. This leaves anywhere up to 7 characters "locked" to boss 3 or 4 and who can start another operation at that boss with all other members running on alternate characters or new members to the op/guild/etc. This simply allows for one op that takes time to complete and up to 7 (or more) ops that take a mere fraction of time to complete thus racking up large numbers of conquest points in a very fast time. The down side is that, if you are gearing up, you WANT to be in that "break-in" (first group) and not the follow-up (lock out) group so you get a shot at the greatest number of possible drops. Also make sure you check what "rules" they are using for drops.

    You have asked about crafter's who can make set mods here, also ask in guild chat, preferably when there are quite a few people online as well, just be careful not to spam guild chat. :P We do have a few crafter's, I thought we had a list of them but I cannot find it at present... (Or) I could look in the correct forum.

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