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By Damis

Fractured MMO

Fractured is an open-world fantasy sandbox MMORPG which blends action combat with fully interactive environments, appealing equally to lovers of competitive and cooperative gameplay. Jump right into the fray from day one. Defeat your enemies with skill and wit, not equipment or level. Gather resources, craft, trade and venture into legendary travels as a solitary hero, or start a settlement with your guild and grow it into the next empire. A true sandbox MMORPG, Fractured lets players pursue the gameplay they enjoy, create the type of character they enjoy, and focus on doing what they enjoy. 
Fractured Key Features
Unique And Dynamic Setting – Explore the universe of Fractured, which is spread across three planets – Arboreus, Syndesia, and Tartaros. Travel is an important part of the game experience; unlike many traditional MMORPGS, players must find a way to survive as they traverse the worlds. In addition, eclipses, unique PvE events, have a huge impact on the lives of demons and humans. The state of the universe, and even the position of planets, matters!
Race Is More Than Cosmetic – The race you belong to has an actual impact on game mechanics, from the type of society you live in to the ways you can interact with other players. Choose a human and live in – or at odds with – a feudal society. Be a beastman, and live in harmony with nature. Or, choose a demon, and slake your thirst for blood and revenge!
Crafting That Matters – Finding a broadsword in the corpse of a rat sounds a little unlikely? Forget about old RPG clichés and enter a world where every item is crafted by players. Exploit the uneven distribution of resources to get high profits when trading at faraway markets – but make sure you reach your destination alive!
Get Into The Action – You do not need to grind zombies for 80 hours or reach some level limit before you can join your friends on adventures. In Fractured, you can take part in any content from the first day in the game! The Knowledge system offers power and flexibility, allowing players to develop exactly the character they wish to play.
Action Combat Evolved – Fractured melds the combat style you’ve loved in single-player Action RPGs with a complex sandbox universe. Learn to aim, dodge and master over 400 abilities and 40 unique status effects: only your skills and tactics will lead you to victory! The environment is fully interactive, and can be used to give you an edge in your adventures.
By Damis

Covenant Football League Started For Season 2019

Covenant Football League
A new season is about to start for our Fantasy Football League.  Currently, all slots are full, but some may open up on Monday, August 26, 2019.  Anyone interested in joining the league should reply to the Discussion thread.  A second league could be created if there is enough interest. 
Keeper Deadline
The deadline to select keepers is Monday, August 26, 2019.  You can make and edit your selections until 11:59 PM PT on Sunday, August 25, 2019
Choose your Keepers here: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/787185/5/keepers
Please remember that each team is allowed only TWO keepers, unless your name is Xalt, who gets THREE keepers because he won last year's team pick-em.
 Saturday, August 31,  2019:  7 PM PDT | 9 PM Central | 10 PM Eastern
Discussion Thread
By Damis


The Scalebreaker DLC game pack brings two new Season of the Dragon dungeons, expanding upon the events of both Wrathstone and Elsweyr. The Dragons are free from the Halls of Colossus, and now you must deal with the fallout of their release. While these stories are part of the year-long saga, you can enjoy both without having completed either of the year’s earlier content—enjoy!
Lair of Maarselok
For centuries, Maarselok slept deep in the mountains between Elsweyr and Grahtwood. However, upon the opening of the Halls of Colossus, this monstrous Dragon has awoken, and now threatens to spread his corruption into the domain of the Wood Elves. Only with the help of the Warlock Carindon and the forest spirit Selene can you defeat this terrifying new Dragon!

Hunt the great Dragon Maarselok!
Moongrave Fane
Hidden within a fallen Khajiiti temple, the vampires of the Hollowfang prepare to perform a terrible ritual. Joined by the former Dragonguard Grundwulf, they wish to drain the blood from a captured Dragon! You and your team must fight your way into the fallen ruin and put a stop to their plan before it’s too late.
Both dungeons can be attempted in Normal and Veteran difficulties, with a Veteran Hard Mode option available for those looking for a challenge. Brave delvers can discover new rewards up for grabs in both dungeons, too, including new item sets, Achievements, collectibles, and more.
The Scalebreaker DLC game pack is free for all ESO Plus members and available for purchase for 1,500 crowns from the in-game Crown Store (listed under DLC).
By Damis

Starsector sandbox space sim

Starsector is an open-world single-player RTS space-combat game with roleplaying, exploration and economics from Fractal Softworks. You take the role of a space captain seeking fortune and glory however you choose.   

Current Features
Develop your character into a hot-shot pilot, a smuggler, a stern admiral, an industrial magnate – or anything in between Pilot your ship in top-down 2D combat Command your fleet in tactical battles Gain experience to level up your skills Detailed space combat mechanics Customize your ship’s loadout before battle Outfit ships with your weapons of choice and add hull modifications to create devastating tactical combinations Hire officers to give skill bonuses, pilot auxiliary ships, and oversee your operations Explore war-torn star systems Exploit events to trade goods for profit Win the favor or scorn of powerful factions Discover new worlds and salvage lost derelicts Mod support for diverse user-made content Claim new worlds, build outposts and industry Cripple core world supply lines to create easy prey for piracy or bolster the rule of law and try to reverse the Sector’s descent into chaos Survey forgotten worlds and establish new colonies among the ruins Use lost and forbidden technologies to advance your cause – can you afford to pay for the consequences of your hubris? Leave your mark upon the world and determine the fate of the Sector with your decisions
Still in its alpha phase, this one looks to be something to keep an eye on moving forward.  If you preorder now, you pay $15 – 25% off the final price.
What you get:
Early access to the game, starting with alpha builds – available now! Discounted price The full version, when it is finished You help support the development of Starsector http://fractalsoftworks.com/
By Damis

War Thunder - Free to Play

War Thunder is a free-to-play vehicular combat multiplayer video game developed and published by Gaijin Entertainment in cross platform format for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Shield Android TV.
In War Thunder, aircraft, attack helicopters, ground forces and naval ships collaborate in realistic competitive battles. You can choose from over 1,000 vehicles and an extensive variety of combat situations many of which are exclusive. You can find yourself blasting your pursuers from a bomber turret, defending your teammates on the ground from an air raid with anti-aircraft guns, shooting down enemy planes with a firestorm from multiple rocket launchers, or trying to sink an enemy warship with a torpedo from a fast attack boat.
Features include:
Seamless cross-platform gameplay between Windows PC, Linux, Mac, PlayStation®4 with Xbox One users being included in PC battles – everyone on the same server. Over 1,000 highly detailed aircraft, helicopters, tanks, warships and other combat vehicles crafted carefully from historical documents and surviving sources. 80 maps representing the main historical battle theaters.  Intense PvP experiences in full-scale combat missions at various difficulty settings for all play styles and degrees of experience.  Rich PvE content including dynamic historical campaigns and solo missions.  Regular content updates including new vehicles, maps, missions and nations.  Astonishing graphics, authentic sound effects and beautiful music creating an atmosphere to fully immerse yourself in.  Create custom content for War Thunder and share it on War Thunder Live, with the prospect of earning real money through the Revenue Share Partner System! Free to Play Download
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  • Enjoy your summer everyone!
Game Fossil

State of ... all games?

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I don't know where else to post. I'm hoping I can speak to someone-- anyone-- at all.

What games does COTP still play? How strong are those games doing?

I'm not interested in rumors. I'm interested in hearing the beliefs of COTP members who play.

How do YOU feel these games are? Healthy? Struggling? Managing? Next to dead? 

There's videos and blogs out the wazoo. None matter to me. I'm looking to hear from the COTP members who play.

What games do we still play, and how confident do YOU feel about them?





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Right now the most active chapters we have are SWTOR, BDO, FFXIV, LIF, and a number of smaller chapters.  Those four though have the most active members I would say.  Since BDO, there really hasn't been a huge AAA MMORPG that has released and drawn in 50-100 people that we would see on a large game release.  The next big ones that many of us are waiting for are Camelot Unchained and Crowfall.  I expect COTP members to show up in droves once those games are closer to release. 

For the members that are not part of those four "top" chapters, like myself, we are playing a large number of different games.  Everyone is spread out right now, but still we communicate via the forums here or on voice chat (either Mumble or Discord).

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I can speak for the WoW chapter. 
It's very quiet right now, but I think that's due to the state of the game. The last content is out until the next expansion lands in August. Most people have wrapped up everything they can/want to do with current content and waiting for the expansion. Also with summer coming soon I expect people to be out doing things, which I support. I suspect that I can give you a very different answer come September. 

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Bordering the same comments as @Elric and @Cair adding only that things generally pick up too with the summer break with kids for most games especially when content releases. Even though most of the people that I game with are approximately my age or older (mid 30's), it still reflects the major player base of most games with the younger generations and the overall free time spent.  


That being said if you are looking for an honest assessment of a particular game such as SWTOR. I can add that since the merger things have died down quite a bit. The "newness" wore off. The recent changes to conquest also left a sour taste in a lot of people's mouths. As for our chapter, its still business as usual. Recruit, Hold events, and try to keep the peace.


Personally I play two MMORPGs currently. SWTOR and FFXIV. I am in CotP for both. Both also suffer from content binging players. After the binge and there is no more content, it begs people to ask, "what next?" Although the amount of things to do in the game is different for both SWTOR and FFXIV. There is drastically more to do in FFXIV. that means that players can keep consuming and keeping active for longer before the next release. SWTOR on the other hand has intermixed their content with changes to how the game is consumed. You either like it or hate it which makes people either stay for specific reasons or find something else to occupy their time. 


How you determine to play a game largely has a factor in how long you stick around. Some people sip on the content and it takes them ages to get through it all. Others down it in a single gulp. Also if you factor in how many of the games functions you play, PvE, PvP, Raiding, Dungeon Crawling, etc.


Back to your original question in the subject line. State of all games. In my opinion, gaming as usual. Never a dull moment unless you are idle. People come and go. Games change hands all the time. Experiences are what you make it to be with whom you make them. Enjoy them until you can't anymore, then find something new that you can enjoy. Rinse and repeat.


Of course all of this is my opinion based on my experiences. It may be different for others.

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I mostly play SWTOR. Sometimes I dip into other MMOs, but SWTOR won my favor. I am currently occupied with LiF as well.


If you are familiar with any of the games featured in my signature below, I still have a presence in them (among others.) I'm just not as active due to either a lack of motivation, people to play with, or financial and time constraints.


I've been thinking of joining the WoW chapter sooner or later and I would greatly appreciate a partner in crime for ESO if I could ever find one (no friends in real life, lol.)


Point is, even if the guild itself isn't active in a particular title, there are some of us who may still play them, at least on occasion. Just thought I would add, even if it isn't the answer you're looking for, as I suspect you've already been satiated by those above.

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I was playing WoW on Proudmoore and Thrall with a good guild, until March 20th. This is an awkward and somewhat embarrassing chain of events to recount, but sometimes it's necessary in order to fully explain things.

I'm a psychiatric outpatient. I have issues with anger management and control. A number of MMO's are outrageously and extremely exacting and unforgiving, especially with melee-range combatant characters, over little things like maximum melee distance, tab-targetting and facing. I can get absolutely spam deluged with error messages trying to attack something over these things.  More often than not, these little issues, the game REFUSING to process my commands to fight a mob or another because tab targeting selects every enemy EXCEPT the one right in front of me, or REFUSING to accept my avatar and the mob being in the same space as being in front of me, all sorts of little things-- I lose self-control and just get enraged. More often than not, without thinking about it, I've picked up my keyboard and started slamming it onto my desk-- usually the keyboard drawer.

Twice in three months this has resulted in the keyboard drawer getting knocked loose from the desk and can't be fixed. Once, the keyboard itself was wrecked. (Fortunately, the second time, just the spacebar was knocked loose and I was able to fix it). Aside from the very unhealthy nature of such a response, I don't have the money to keep replacing damaged or destroyed equipment. Right now my keyboard is on the desk proper, leaving much less room for other things such as a microphone and my mouse/mouse pad.  On March 20th, for the sake of my mental health, I cancelled my WoW subscription. I've tried to leave MMO's altogether more times than I can count. I've never succeeded, but to use a now-famous empowerment phrase: "Nevertheless, I persist."

Why not just stop those rage reactions? Hahaha. I wish it were as simple as wanting to. These aren't pre-meditated actions; they're reflex reactions, as automatic as my leg kicking out if my doctor taps my knee with a hammer.

So, some of you, after reading this, might say I shouldn't be here. And you might be right. The fact that SWTOR is bleeding its player base in large numbers, especially as the next WoW expansion and Camelot Unchained loom ever closer to the horizon, certainly doesn't help, since if I'm alone and nobody just to talk to, I get bored and log off. Why not follow those of you who will be going to the next big game?

The fact is, I'm scared stiff of starting a new game for fear it will produce the same unhealthy rage-reactions (similar to road rage-- one reason I don't drive a car) that I ran into in WoW. 

So why even just dabble in SWTOR?

I'm hoping my limited play availability and sticking to a ranged damage dealer will allow me to find some kind of safe zone, at least temporarily until I can find a healthy, social method of passing time. If there were such a way on the internet, I'd probably grab with alacrity. And yet, shockingly enough, I haven't been able to find one  yet. General chat rooms or ACTIVE discussion forums (TBH, forums seem on their way out altogether, which I find sad... I used to love them).

Maybe I shouldn't be here. And if SWTOR keeps losing players, I probably won't be, for that long.

For now, I ask to be able to socialize, and occasionally do some limited group stuff with whomever will have me.

Holly Carpenter

(Game Fossil)


Edited by Game Fossil

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To answer the OP...I have been given the opportunity to restart the clan in MWO.  We are brand spanking new and only member in the clan at this moment is myself, however, I intend to change that very soon when I actively recruit.

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I said it ages ago: but I'll be playing SWTOR until they finally turn off all the servers. Those who want to play with me are welcome to ride along through my madness. SWTOR was the game that dragged me away from WOW, by the by. And I played WOW for just shy of seven years. I'm fast approaching that particular milestone in SWTOR now, lol. I preserve my sanity by devoting some time and hours to some single-player games on occasion. I have my favorites and they do get attention whenever I'm able.

I'm also fascinated by some of the news coming from Camelot Unchained. It looks fun. I've also asked to lead a chapter when Anthem is released, too, but that particular game has just been pushed back to sometime next year before releasing. SWTOR finally announced it will enjoy an expansion 'soon' though so perhaps I'll have plenty to do before I get to embark on the world of Anthem.

Oh, and Erudius will keep me focused on trying to explore new single-player games. Dude! I don't have time, I swear!

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I'll be honest Phyreblade, it's hard to imagine how SWTOR will create an expansion bigger in scale than defeating Valkorion once and for all and establishing the Eternal Alliance. Will the Alliance fall apart and the Republic and Empire go all out against each other again? Will individual classes see their own stories again? I know a LOT of people hated the hell out of both KOTFE and KOTET, but in size and scale-- how much bigger do you get  than that? A seemingly unstoppable foe led by an entity that devoured an entire planet? Maybe it was the very nature of HOW we had to defeat that foe that made KOTFE/KOTET so hated.

I'll keep watch on the news. I do hope it will at least generate enough interest to keep the game going.


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40 minutes ago, Game Fossil said:

Will the Alliance fall apart and the Republic and Empire go all out against each other again?

Yeah, it seems as though it will be that way, which seems to invalidate any 'choices' we made in the past two expansions that apparently mattered. The Alliance was what would have allowed our characters to create a legacy that lives on past the fall of the Sith Empire by the time of Darth Bane, or being forgotten by the days the Republic collapses.

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