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By Damis

Conan Exiles - Time To Mount Up

It is time to mount your steeds and ride across the plains of the Exiled Lands. One of the most sought-after features since Early Access launch is a reality: Mounts are now available in Conan Exiles!  You can engage in mounted combat and level up your pets and thralls, so they grow more powerful the more time you spend with them.
Getting a mount works the same way as getting a regular pet. You will first have to find a foal, then bring it back to a Stable to raise it. Stables work the same as Animal Pens, but are for horses only.
Like Pets/Thralls, horses will grow stronger as they level up. Raise several different horses to find one with the stats you like.
Once your foal has grown into adult horse it can be placed in the world, like a regular Thrall/Pet. To ride into the sunset like your favorite cowboy you’ll need to equip your horse with a saddle, which can be unlocked at level 20.
Saddles will have different effects on your mount:
Cavalry Saddle – Fast acceleration, maximum speed, minimum defense, minimum maneuverability Scout Saddle – Long sprinting time, medium speed, low defense, maximum maneuverability Warhorse Saddle – Slow acceleration, minimum speed, high defense, low maneuverability No matter which saddle you choose, using a horse to get anywhere is significantly faster than running on foot.
With mounts we’re also introducing mounted combat. Shoot your enemies from afar with a bow and gallop away before they know what’s going on. Grab a sword, axe or mace and swing away from the comfort of your steed.  Equip a pike or a spear and attack your enemies by stabbing at them or equip a lance and tear through your opponent’s defenses with a mighty charge.
We think mounted combat is going to add a whole new level to Conan Exiles’ PvE and PvP gameplay and we’re excited to hear what you think.
We’re also adding a leveling system for Pets and Thralls that can follow you. Leveling a Follower grants them increased stats and special bonus Perks.
When placing a Follower, they start at level 0 with a base set of Attributes. Faction and Tier determines growth rate and base Attributes, to make sure similar pets and thralls won’t be exactly the same. You can check your Follower’s Attributes by selecting “Info” from the radial menu.
Killing enemies when a Pet or Thrall follows you will grant them experience points. Crafting, exploration and other activities will not. Pets/thralls will only gain experience points when they are following you. Pets/Thralls will gain perks as they level up, which will further enhance their capability and grant bonuses to Attributes. The more specialized the Perk, the greater the bonus.

Conan Exiles: https://www.conanexiles.com/
By Damis

7 DAYS TO DIE - Alpha 19 B-157 Experimental Released.

The Fun Pimps are working towards another huge upgrade for the survival game 7 Days to Die, with a new experimental build out now to try. It's a massive upgrade again to many areas of the game. Some of what's new includes: Linear Color Space Lighting, Improved Gamepad Support, New Survival System & Critical Injuries, Interactive Loading Screen, Food and Water Bars in the UI and HD Characters.
Alpha 19 Official Release Notes
By Damis

Camelot Unchained Newsletter #67

Slowed but not stopped. 
We are now entering the new 90 day development period.  So we expect to see giants in all their glory or at least an early version.  Also, they plan on starting up a persistent world on a 24/3 [weekends] server run by their overlord program.  Some things we may also see during this period is are the Spirit mages and dragons as they start to get flushed out.
This months newsletter:  https://mailchi.mp/citystateentertainment/unveiled-camelot-unchained-newsletter-642244
News: https://camelotunchained.com/v3/category/news/
By Damis

Amazon's MMO New World Release Date.

New World will launch on August 25th, 2020. It was originally planned for a May release date before the Covid-19 pandemic caused many games to be delayed. 
Does New World require a subscription?
No, there will not be a subscription fee to play New World. You only need to make a one-time purchase—it's $40 for the standard edition—though there may be expansions or other things to spend money on in the future.
Will there be a New World beta?
Yes, the closed beta begins on July 23, which you can get access to by pre-ordering.
News Ticker
  • New Features are being added to forums. Stay tuned for updates.
  • Enjoy your summer everyone!

First there was PFC, now it's PWM!

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A few years ago, America was behind the curve in requiring power supplies to have PFC - Power Factor Control - essentially builtin protection from brown outs, lower fluctuations in power that would stomp on your components and make them die.  The EU had this for several years, before the US reviewers caught on, and started slamming the US versions of the same PSUs EU folks had with PFC, but the US did not.  Today we have it.

PWM is something similar, but it has to do with your laptop.  Pulse-width Modulation!  PWM is used to regulate the brightness of LCD and LED displays. How does that concern us? The pulsations can be bad for your health and more specifically for the users’ eyesight. They can lead to migraines, headaches or other forms of discomfort after long-term usage. In most cases those pulsations have a frequency somewhere around 200Hz. They cause multiple contractions and expansions of the pupils, which bears down negatively on your health. They are especially harmful in models with LED backlight because the colors of the emitted light are not as inert as the colors of the CCFL backlight and so they reach high amplitudes and rapid luminance changes. Basically, the problem comes from the flickering light, not from the crystals of the LCD monitors.

You can read more here - http://laptopmedia.com/highlights/what-is-pwm-why-is-it-important-and-why-did-we-add-this-test-to-our-reviews/

and see laptop ratings for it here:  http://laptopmedia.com/top-laptop-pwm-ranking-rated-by-negative-impact-on-eyesight/

I had not heard about this, the government didn't come out and stop laptop makers from destroying our eyesight, they didn't even test for it - which is why the US really needs to raise taxes, pay for tech inspections, their health effects, and save us billions in health care expenses.

More directly, I am looking at getting one of the top 10 gaming laptops out there from CostCo.  I had seen the Lenovo Y720, a better model over the previous 520, and a low cost leader.  But I declined to buy from the Chinese, and instead stick with Taiwanese ASUS, as they have been very good for many years, where Lenovo had been bad, until they purchased IBMs laptop business.

Reading reviews from people who purchase them are essentially useless, feel-good, posts.  I located a good article here: http://laptopmedia.com/review/lenovo-legion-y720-review-lenovos-premium-15-inch-gaming-solution-is-all-about-features/  and noted their testing and discussion of PWM.  Shocking, eye-opening, eye-saving stuff.  

Where is this on the box?  Cigarettes cause cancer, bad PWM causes blindness.  They should be equally warned to all consumers, but they are not.

Luckily, Laptopmedia took their studies, and created a list of all the laptops they have reviewed with PWM.

This directly affected my choices - Lenovo was junk at a 5.2 rating.  ASUS is a 10, not using PWM at all.  I recommend you check all your monitors, anything using PWM needs to be replaced right away.  Good Luck, and good night.  8-)

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