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    It is slowly being revealed that Windows 10 contains a number of unlisted shortcuts to useful features.

    While many of these are for features that most users will never use or even need to know about some can potentially be very helpful, here below is an example of one specific shortcut.


    If your computer freezes, or suffers a black screen event, it maybe well worth trying this combination to "RESTART your PC's graphics drivers!"


    WIN + CTRL + SHIFT + B

    This particular key combination will cause windows to attempt a 'forced' restart of the graphics subsystem.

    Since only the graphics subsystem is involved here, there is a good chance that any running applications will NOT be affected although that is no guarantee.

    This shortcut is part of the operating system so it should be effective on NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, etc graphics drivers.


    In the event of a hard freeze then unfortunately you have only one recourse and that is to perform a hard reset, but the above shortcut may give you an easy out depending on what has actually caused the freeze.

    It goes without saying that this will have no effect on a Blue Screen event.

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    oh WOW. That is really nice. Never knew that existed. That could really come in handy with game glitches and whatnot.

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