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    Haven't really had one of these, but just to keep information flowing.

    As evidenced by our Hometown thread as well as a post Spryone had made about switching guilds... the majority of active Covenant of the Phoenix members have either joined Stormsong (including myself) oriented group. This group is aware of and respectful of our identity as Covenant of the Phoenix members even having been welcomed and integrated into their larger in-game group. As such, I do request all members participating in another guild continue to adhere to the principles outlined in our charter. We still represent our community here and if we leave a good impression we can always cross-recruit if we see members of these groups discussing games we have a more solid chapter presence in. Other chapters are always looking for more good members and any good quality folks we can steer in that direction only helps us all.

    As the the Covenant of the Phoenix guild itself: I have acquired a second account to hold onto guild leadership should we ever wish to come back and reclaim the name. If anyone wishes to claim Guild Master status and actively work on growing our in game presence please get in contact with me (PM here on the board, Arnaeus Moonglow or Phoenicia Covenance in game) and we can discuss a transfer. I would gladly join under someone with the time and dedication to recruit and grow the organization. Time is something I have been lacking of late myself. Barring that, anyone wishing to jump into the game just needs to reach out and any one of us would be willing to join in an adventure or five and show you around.

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    You aren't up to date on my guild situation. Please consider me no longer a member of CotP as well. I no longer wish to be associated with the guild on any level.

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