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    A constant issue the WoW chapter has had, in all of its iterations, is that almost everyone played WoW before they found CotP. Therefor everyone's characters are always on different servers, and often people don't want to move servers for sentimental, monetary, or other reasons. The new Communities Feature helps alleviate this issue. It allows members on different servers to join the 'community' and participate in community(guild) chat, group together, and do calendar events. 

    I opted for the WoW and Faction specific community over the B.net one, mainly to allow people to step away from the chapter and take a break when needed, while still being able to play blizzard games. Because of that decision we have two different communities, one for Horde and one for Alliance. These don't replace the guild, and I still encourage those who are able to to play on Dalaran Alliance side with us to do so. 

    This is the Link for the Alliance Community.

    And this is the Link for the Horde Community.

    There are instructions within those links that explain how to use it to join the community ingame. 


    You will have to join with each individual character, and once you have please reply to this message giving your character names and if they are horde or alliance. 

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    Just testing this out.  I will be putting more in there later on.  I sub off and on so I have some characters that are always level 20, but I also have some (Not many)  level 100+

    Alliance: Sparkala, Ashliah, Myanga

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