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  • WOW - Battle for Azeroth expansion release

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    Battle for Azeroth, the latest World of Warcraft expansion, launches today! The expansion focuses on faction warfare - Alliance vs Horde - with War Mode enabling World PVP among a number of other new features, continents and gameplay.  Check out the main site and the wowhead guide for more information on the expansion.

    The main guild is Alliance on Dalaran  and there is a Horde alt guild on Durotan and the placeholder Alliance guild remains on Ysera.

    Purchase of the expansion gives a level 110 character boost, so you can pick your character and jump in with us right away.  Even if you have characters on other realms, the new communities feature allows faction wide chat. Check out our community information page.

    The WoW Chapter is also active on Discord. If you are planning on joining us, come chat with us there.

    See you in Azeroth!




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