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  • When to use level 110 boost?

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    I picked up BFA and resubbed earlier this week. I'm enjoying starting with a new level 1 toon and relearning the game. I have a level 8 warrior and level 15 priest. Both are dwarves. And this is the first time I've played in the beginning Dwarf zones. So that all seems new and fresh to me. I have a level 110 boost with the BFA purchase.

    When should I use the level 110 boost?

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    It used to be that if you used a boost on a level 60+ character, your professions would be increased as well, so many people would level up to 60 before using the boost, but now each expansion has a different leveling track for professions and the boost no longer increases the professions, so there's no incentive to level up.

    Basically, use the boost on whichever character you want to be your main (or create a brand new character as a level 110 character). The Dwarf starter area doesn't take too long, so  it's not like it would be a waste of time to go through it before using the boost.

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