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  • 3440x1440 (21:9) G-Sync Recommendations?

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    Looking to get one now that I've upgraded from GTX 970 SLI to RTX 2080.

    I've started looking around and there are so many options (had been thinking Predator X34 until today when my horizons broadened).  Color reproduction matters to me a lot more than angle of view (gaming screen will be just about straight on -- I've got 4 other IPS panels for other needs).

    I'm guessing there are people here who follow monitors a lot more than I do.  Any recommendations?

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     I have been wanting one for the last few years now and though there are some good ones out there, they all have issues. So I continue to wait for a good one to be made but it should be noted I am picky. Black light bleed issues, fake 10 bit color not for me.

     Only advice I can give you is screw ACER and their forced splash screen on power up. Nothing like turning on your monitor, seeing your desktop for a half a sec then having to sit through a 5 second AD for a monitor you own. I started a big uprising on their forums and they said they added a feature in settings to lower it to 2 seconds but I have not bought once since so I do not know. 

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    Been hearing about some super new LG coming later this year.  At this point, I think I'll wait till Black Friday/Monday (though "Black Monday" means something else, but I can't say "Cyber Monday" without having a Beavis reaction).

    The Alienware (AW3418DW) is high in the running as is an AON AGON.  The AON price is better, but while it has many good reviews, it also has some bad.  I think if I'm going to spend $1k on a monitor, I'd best be as picky for the gaming monitor as I was for the photo editing ones.

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    10 hours ago, Bakath said:

    I started a big uprising on their forums and they said they added a feature in settings to lower it to 2 seconds but I have not bought once since so I do not know. 

    Always causing problems, Bakath.  :dwarf:

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    I returned two x34p

     In my case, the first one had a lot of bleeding light in bottom left. 

    The second one was even worst about bleeding and in this case also none of the buttons worked or the analog to browse in the las worked. So I couldn't open osd or even turn off the monitor. 

    It was suppose to be the top UltraWide monitor bases. On reviews but in my case was crap. 

    I ended up waiting for the new LG 35" that still need to be released. But yesterday i bought a cheap BenQ EX3501R without gsync. Let see when arrives..

    If this fails too I will again wait for the new LG (now don't remember if it will have gsync or not) 

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    I have a pair of BenQ for photo editing (32" 4k and 27" 2560x1440).  Quite happy with them.  I looked at the EX3501R, but the lack of G-Sync pushed it lower on the list.  I'll wait for the LG and reviews and then likely decide between it and the Dell/Alienware.  Having Dell warranty adds a lot of soft value.

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    To be blunt, I see a lot of comments on the NVIDIA community forums under the drivers section whenever they post up a notice about new drivers on how they have still NOT fixed G-Sync. I do not know if this is general or on specific cards but it has been something like two years now they have failed to address this issue.

    Here is a LINK to the current Driver Announcement post on the NVIDIA forums. They were posted on 10/10/2018 and release on 10/11/2018. This is for reference drivers 416.34. The topic is 31 pages long. The second post is a list of items new or still broken that are hot topics with the user base, but there are many more in the following posts. Bear in mind that driver response varies with hardware AND what OTHER drivers you have installed. 


    Oh yeah, before I forget completely. It seems that monitor manufacturers made significant changes to the G-Sync specifications sometime in the last 6 months of 2017, so if the monitor DESIGN predates that it will be using the confirmed bad specification and bad implementation.

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